Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Jacob Homecoming Eve"

So much happened today:
  • Ramp has been built up our front deck thanks to Eric and Rudy.
  • Bed has been set up thanks to Dick and Don.
  • We have a wheelchair, commode, and walker - thanks to Debbie C. (who also hooked us up to Eric and Rudy).
  • Bob (thanks Carrie) came and dusted the room.
  • Tanner was my gopher and slave.
  • Jacob had his stomach tube changed. Not removed - due to the pending surgeries but - changed to a smaller one.
The living room at home is pretty much ready for Jacob. I am sure we will change things once he gets here but for now...oops I still need to make the bed -sheets are in the dryer. Though it is ready I still have this sick feeling before your wife comes home from a trip and the house is not as good as she would like it. But Deb assured me that she does not care. Jacob is excited to come home. I called tonight and Jacob answered Debbie's phone - he told me that he was enjoying Tomato Bisque - it sounded full on like my Jacob - so very, very cool.

God has orchestrated so much to make this an incredible homecoming. Robbie turns 20 next week and chose to come home not just for that but also for the benefit. Now he is coming home not just to hang with Jake but to bring him home with us. Incredible. I will pick him up from the airport and then we will go gather up Jacob and Debbie and once Jensen is home from school we will be home and for the first time since June 28th we will all sleep under the same roof.

Put on your pink suit and do a little dance.

I spoke with several people today: at church, on the phone, at Jensen's school, at my house, etc. People that I have not talked to since Jake's accident and some that I have never met before. When they comment on this blog and on Jacob's journey, I am having a hard time understanding the feeling that I get. The only way to describe it is to combine words: thankful-embarrassed-confused-caring-appreciation-humility-love. I guess overall it is gratitude that you are all following - not just following but truly joining us on this journey - owning us as part of your family - including us in your hearts. Then it is humility feeling very unworthy of this kind of caring. And I think there is a sprinkling of guilt - that we should get this attention.

Most of all though in my heart there is a growing sense of burden. What we have received - this outpouring of love is so amazing - so transforming. Yet we live in a community in desperate need of hope - in desperate need of love - in desperate need of transformation. As Jacob was talking to the reporter last night I heard him say "I just want to help people." I am not sure that they picked up on it - I sure did. Perhaps as we go to the benefit tomorrow night, as we watch the newscast with Jacob's Story, as we continue to live our lives - we might allow God to use us to help people - to transform a community. Simple dream as I dream and pray for the benefit and Jacob's Journey: "Lord, pour out your love in Santa Cruz (and the world); through those that love you; help us to love others. Allow your Spirit of love to impact all who cross our paths."

There is such excitement when we bring home our newborn child. I feel this same excitement - okay check out Robbie's excitement in this picture - not my scowl. It is a life changing moment. There is a lot to do in bringing home Jake but there is no greater joy.

God is in this. We need to pay attention.

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing to see the family of God working together. I feel so excited for you to be bringing Jacob home. Our God is truly an awesome God. I will pray for Jacob's continued healing and for God to be glorified.

Anonymous said...

Hugs and kisses to you all. You are such beautiful people. Thank you for warming my heart. Jacob, well done, young man. You are an amazing person, and i will continue to think of you everyday as you complete your healing.

Carol said...

Hello Tom and family. I'm a college prof at SJSU, and a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been following Jacob's story from the beginning and I'm thrilled to hear that Jacob is coming home today. God is good!!!

I see on your blog that there are 'practical' ways to help - but what if someone wanted to send Jacob a little recovery gift? What should one do?

Still praying...... and rejoicing.....

Donna said...

Thank God, how good He is. We are so excited for Jacobs return home.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tom, Debbie, Rob, Jacob and Jensen- Big tears of joy are pouring down my face as I read this last blog of yours, and try,just a very little bit, to put myself in your place. You are way more than just humble- all of you, and you have such servants hearts. Please relax, enjoy, and savor every moment today. For there is no doubt in my mind that our God has you just exactly where He wants each of you, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! God has turned this tragedy into such a miracle, and I believe with all my heart, that your story will continue to be told. Your family has figured out how to listen to God in the quiet of your hearts, and to walk as Jesus walked, to humbly spread His love to everyone with whom you come into contact. We, who are privileged to read this blog, are the fortunate ones, for we experience God each and every time we read. So go today, and bask in every moment that God blesses you with, bringing once again, your precious "baby" Jacob, home. We love you deeply, as brothers and sisters in Christ! May His arms shower all of you with His PERFECT LOVE!

Nancy, Stu, Alicia, Nick and Julia Price

Lori said...

I'm so excited for all of you today! A day that seemed so far away just a few weeks ago, yet here you are. I have that giddy feeling today like when I brought my daughters home after they were born. Unbelievable how much you've touched our lives. We'll be thinking about you today and praying for a smooth trip home. Jacob is going to love the warm sunny drive over the hill toward the ocean! What a perfect beautiful weekend for his homecoming. I think your blog should be turned in to a novel. Your story is a such a inspirational lesson in love and faith, the world should be able to benefit as much as we have. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey and I hope you'll continue to let us. Have a wonderful weekend! Our family is dancing. xoxo

Captain Kirk(endall) said...

To the commentor nsmed Csrol:

Please email us at and we will let you know where you can send things.

Be blessed

Joslin3 said...

Wow! I am amazed. I was away for a long weekend and missed reading these updates. I have a lot to catch up on! It brought tears to my eyes to read Jacob "just wants to help people". What an amazing example he is for all of us. I'm praying for you guys!