Sunday, September 13, 2009

Santa Cruz Sentinel Article

Jennifer Squires and Dan Coyro spent some time with Jacob on friday. It was truly a pleasure. Jennifer wrote a great article and Dan got some great shots. Check it out here:

We especially love this picture with some of the doctors who we have just loved. Maz (doctor with and to his chin) was adopted by Debbie as a fourth son. He and Jake enjoyed hanging out together - he is from Philly and we are working on his "Santa Cruz" look thanks to Freeline.

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Debbie said...

Great article! Beautiful representation of the essence of your family, the many hero's that have been an ever present help in times of trouble--Greg Hansen--the fire department--the burn unit--and others. It is so good to take in all the miracles, see Jacob's smiling face and to see the overflowing joy on Tom and Debbie's face. BEAUTIFUL.