Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good morning. Jake is pretty drugged up and foggy. He is swollen and looks so beat up. Even in this short time he is improving in small increments. They are already talking about getting him off the ventilator soon - as his lungs are strong. When that happens we can talk about removing the trach and then the feeding tube. As that happens and the swelling on his head goes down, we can look at taking him home in the weeks to come. Yes he is tattered but it is in a way that needed to happen to start to get his life back. Through tears of anguish and joy we praise God for his presence and faithful provision through this community journey.

Looking forward,

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

Tom & Debbie,
while we never really got to know you when you were at Calvary, we have come to know and love you these last nine weeks as our family has continued to hold each of you up in daily prayer. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family.
Affie, Karen, Hannah & Ellie Munshi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping the body of Christ current on how we can pray for your family. It is such an honor to join with you in Exalting and Worshiping the Lord our God, waiting and watching His faithfulness to You.
Denise Wills

Anonymous said...

How we appreciate your keeping us aware of how you are all getting along...We love you and keep you in our hearts as we pray for you...Your faith and courage has been such an inspiration to us...We know that God is faithful..and will continue to answer the prayers of so many dear ones who love you...
God bless you....Merlyn and Rosemary Fordice