Friday, September 11, 2009

Food, glorious food...

So my dad gave me a hard time for not posting anything yet today - and he is at the hospital everyday knowing what is going on. Honestly I have little down time right now as we have entered the "time-with-Jacob" phase. When I am with him - it is so cool to be with him. I got there this morning after taking Jensen to school and he was working with the physical therapist. His new room is nice because it has a big hallway right outside that is all windows. He got to walk to the window with his walker and then sit in a wheelchair for over an hour. He cannot put weight on his heel and his arms are still building their strength but he is making such strides. 

The biggest today is that he has been taken off the feeding bag through the gastric-intestinal tubes and is now putting on the calories through his mouth. If he can continue to take in food and protein drinks through his mouth in the next couple of days we can talk about the removal of the belly tubes! Another leap forward! With big blue excited eyes he told me that he had a half of In-N-Out Burger and a few fries last night; this morning he had oatmeal; and then today broccoli, chicken, and a bite of rice. He has also been able to have a Chai and of course Arizona Green Tea. Tonight Jim is bringing him Round Table. He only has bites and complained to them about not being hungry enough. Their worry is that he won't get enough calories because his mouth gets tired - but that does not seem to be the case - anything but - thus they are stopping the feeding through the stomach tubes (brown goop). 

Though the rehab is slow and hard and Jake wants to be back where he was - he is making leaps. The plastic surgeon took out the staples in his back today - about 30 staples and in another week and a half he will take out the stapes in his head. There is still swelling that needs to go down over his ear but that will come with time. We are waiting to hear still about surgery on his thumb - we are hoping that will happen next week. This all is leading to Jake being able to come home in a couple of weeks - giving us time to figure out modifications we need to make at home - what a joy. I told Jake that we would plan out tomorrow what he wants the living room to look like that will serve has his temporary bedroom. 

Friends Mike and Shirley, Debbie and I prayed with Jake for a while - all of is pouring our heart out in praise - thanking God for the miracles - open to God for more of his presence - desiring for peace to fill Jacob - patience, long-suffering, hope, etc etc. I am praying as I did when he was in the Burn Unit that the Lord Jesus would lay down with him in comfort. Last night Jacob slept from 10 to 7 - he was so thankful for a good nights sleep - that was our prayer last night when I left. I promised Jake I would call him tonight before bed - I am hanging with Jensen for a little while - another very good place to be. So thankful for my three sons - all so unique - all such an incredible blessing to us.  

As we move into the weekend - I pray that we who consider ourselves on Jacob's Journey find someone else to be a blessing to - a blessing that seeks nothing in return. 

Grace and peace, 

Tom (Dad) 


Susie Boggs said...

I am so happy for you. Thank your Dad for me because I've been checking all day for a new posting, and I was happy to see that you had time to write. :) You've got 3 sons, I've got 3 daughters... they are amazing in how unique they are, isn't that cool? This weekend we fly down to Santa Barbara to help Katie move to LA. She will begin school at ucla at the end of the month. Such excitement! I am excited for you to take Jacob home. I am thankful that he has come so far from that first day, it makes me cry. You kept us all informed throughout these weeks and I thank you for including me in this journey. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the view from the window-ed hallway, I bet Jacob loves to see the outside world, and soon he will be out in it!

Sharon Shenk said...

"find someone else to be a blessing to - a blessing that seeks nothing in return."
AMEN - this is God's prayer for each one of us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom.

Mrs. T said...

Although I don't think I've even posted a comment to date, I have been reading of your journey and praying daily for each of you since we have heard of Jacob's accident.

Thank you for your faithfulness in writing. I'm sure that it is often difficult to put into words all that's on your heart. But those of us who have been reading are both challenged and encouraged. Your faith, through the good and the bad, is a shining example to us all. And the many evidences of God faithful hand are always a blessing. What an awesome God we serve.

Walking in His joy,
Pam Thimsen
(I don't know if you remember us, but Bob and I attended Calvary from 1980-1995)

Christy Frampton said...

I am so happy for you all and thankful!

Christy Frampton/Indiana

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Tom and Debbie, what an amazing God we serve!!!!!!!

Blessings, Carol

Anonymous said...

"So my dad gave me a hard time for not posting anything yet today - and he is at the hospital everyday knowing what is going on."

Tom, just in case you didn't already figure this out, most of us read this blog NOT ONLY to read about all Jake's progress, but to know what's going on INSIDE YOU as you are growing in this journey of faith that you've brought us along on. It's truly inspiring for us to see the trust, humility, love, praise, hope, and persevering spirit you've had during something that's gotta be darker than most of us have ever had to face. That's why we're so eager to read what you write--it's so uplifting!

And the TOTALLY COOL thing is that JAKE IS YOUR SON, who will also be able someday to model all those same qualities displayed by both you and Debbie, since he's having so much time to observe them. :) And he will be an even bigger blessing to many than he already is as he discovers his "voice" and grows in his own faith. His experiences will definitely make others listen to what he has to say, I think! It's awesome to picture him as a firefighter sharing his journey with others he comes into contact with through the traumas of fire. Maybe he'll be able to encourage other kids in the hospital someday?

Love, Ginger R.