Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4ft Burrito and Rock Band

Jacob got to stay home today. No appointments! Just home assignments from each therapist. He and Debbie seemed to have a good day together. A bit more restful. Jensen made us buy Rock Band - Beatle Edition - it wasn't that hard. It comes with drums, guitar and microphone. It is fun to watch them "perform". Jensen and Jacob goofed around with it for a while. Then about 6 of Jacob's friends came up. Jake had gotten really excited about having a 4 foot burrito from UnaMas. Here it is in all it's glory. All but 1 foot got devoured. Jake loves having his friends up - and it is a huge commitment for them to drive up the mountain. It was nice for us to see Jensen enjoying being with Jake's friends.

Tomorrow is a day for specific prayer. In the morning is the meeting with the hand surgeon - third opinion. We have an MRI scheduled for Monday. It is nerve wracking for Jake. He told me tonight that he wants his hand back. All I could think to say is that we would get there. Big hurdles to get through. Big surgery to come. His right hand is still pretty useless - need to get through the surgery to get to the healing to get to the rehab to start getting the strength and see what he can really do with it.

Also tomorrow is an appointment with the speech therapist. Pray that he would feel more encouraged by her and that she would point out his progress instead of him feeling like she looks at what he can't do - she makes him feel stupid I think - like there is something wrong with him.

Loving acceptance is huge and takes little effort on our part. Good lesson for me too. I know that God is changing me too through this - noticing those that are easily looked over - finding a way to do something small without out expecting anything back. Just something little that can change a person for a moment. I think of the security guard buying Debbie a Diet Coke the first night at Dominican. He did not have to do it - did not get anything in return - or maybe he did. Loving acceptance goes a long way.

in hope and prayer,

Tom (Dad)

by the way, if you live in the Watsonville area we will be at First Baptist Church for their 10:30 worship service. We will share a bit of Jacob's Story with them. And of course another thing to add to your prayer list.

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Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you all as you share in the FBC Watsonville services. I would love for you all to give the TLC family an update at some point when you feel ready, too. By the way, I LOVE Ephesians 3:14-21, the beautiful passage you posted in your blog yesterday. It fascinates me that Paul does not pray for his beloved Ephesians the way we pray for one another... not even "help their marriages" or "grant them wisdom as they decide on a career path" -- or even "heal them". Nothing wrong with those prayers, of course, but he prays something even more important: that their love would grow, that they would know the love that is beyond knowing, that they would be filled to the brim with the fullness of God's love. That is what I should be praying for you all too. Please pray that for me as well.

Love to you in Him,

Rene Schlaepfer