Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are waiting for lab reports and doctors to talk to us. It appears at about 12:45 Jacob had a seizure. He is resting now. He recognizes our voices and commands to move around still.

A reminder that he is still critical. Roller coaster is not over. Prayer still desperately needed.


Anonymous said...

Tommy and Debbie- I have struggled to know what to write for mere words are so inadequate but Jacob and your whole family are continually in my prayers.
Jenn (Roberts) Hutchison

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Jacob and your family.

Cindy Todd said...

We are praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom and Debbie,
I was so sad and scared when I read that jacob had a seizure. I am so sorry. You right, with all the wonderful progress I think we just want to see him run out of there back to his life and we forget how far he still needs to go. it is still the roller coaster ride. up and down and around. He will get there. You guys give him so much love and care. We are praying and thinking of you all EVERY day. We love you all!! Sleep tight.