Monday, August 31, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Robbie left for school a couple of hours ago. I am sitting in Jacob's room with my dad, "Papa". It has been quite a day. I met a friend that I deeply care about about and after our time together he helped me to get some carpet from Warehouse Direct - and they totally blessed us. I then drove over the hill and was told in route that Jacob was sitting outside - everyone around him was totally excited and Jacob was just pretty chill about the whole thing.

When I finally came into his room he was back in bed - pretty exhausted but he spoke my name louder - enough for me to even hear. (I am hard of hearing.) Last night he ate pudding - one spoonful - today he had applesauce and can have sips of water and apple juice. Each day is one of seeing him a little bit better - He walked a few steps on his own!

He is pretty exhausted right now - they have been trying to get an I.V. in him - difficult to get his veins to cooperate. We were told that surgery will be tomorrow - not sure yet if it starts at 6 am or 9 am. They are planning to do just his head. It got really hard and teary for a while as we explained again what was happening and the whole need-to-wear-a-helmet thing. We just lean in and assure him that we are with him and that this is part of the process and that each day he is getting better and better.

How I long to turn back time - make this all disappear.
I long to trade places with my son and take on the pain, the fear.

Through this time of trial - heartache - such great suffering
There is more to know, more to grow, more faith in which to cling

Meet us here Lord, greet us, grace us in this very moment
Let majestic comfort, sovereign joy, holy presence be all sufficient

We've known you're faithful, future-hope is secure
Daily moments - trial or blessing - your presence is sure

Peace and Hope today

Tom (Dad)


Debbie said...

"We've known you're faithful, future-hope is secure. Daily moments - trial or blessing - your presence is sure"

Once again thank you, not just for your words, but for your actions reflecting the truth of those words. I agree--God's presence is sure and I will be praying for an abundance of that presence in the midst of Jacob's surgery tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I am a grandmother who has been following Jacob's progress every day on this website. I start each day with a prayer for Jacob and his family. You have all been an inspiration to me and I have cried and laughed along with you. I pray that the surgery will go well and will be another big step toward his total recovery. Blessings to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! As I follow Jacob's progress, I am blown away by the positive steps he takes each day. What an example of strength, faith, and love, and not just by Jacob. Your family radiates God's grace, making all of us who are touched by your story so grateful to be here. You are always in my prayers, and will be especially tomorrow. Take care of yourselves and each other.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Kirkendall family:

Jacob is in my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. I know he will do well. The combination of his youth, spirit, and the family love around him will create the optimal situation for this amazing champion to triumph. When I think of the challenges life brings us, I tremble. When I think of what love and the human spirit can do, I rejoice. Have you any idea of the gift you have brought us all? Some call it God. Some call it Grace. It is beautiful regardless. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I too have been following on this journey with you all. It is an amazing opportunity to experience the healing power of love, the joy and power in faith & an overwhelming example that we are all connected in love - and it is when we share that love with eachother that miracles happen. Thank you for opening your hearts to us - for allowing us the opportunity to join together in love - it heals us all - and it fills my heart with such joy to send my love to Jacob & his family. This is what life is all about -- loving eachother!

Dave & Barb said...

Dear Friends,
The day of surgery is often one of the highest peaks that has to be climbed in a journey such as yours...But so often when the peak has been reached, there is beauty to be found "on the other side" that was previously unimaginable and even in the "view" that the height of the peak provides. May tomorrow bring all of you "beauty beyond description" with a hope of a "new view" for Jacob and his recovery. We will be praying...we are still "walking the road" with you Dave & Barb

Anonymous said...

Jacob outside "WOW" what a blessing and what a beautiful day.
I will be praying for Jacob's surgery tomorrow knowing the "Mighty Surgeon" will be in the operating room guideing the way and knowing his angels will be sitting next to Jacob's family.

God Bless you in this next step in Jacob's Journey!

Anonymous said...

I am continually praying for Jacob, and i will definitely be praying that the surgery goes well tomorrow.
I was Jensen's camp counselor for part of the week this summer (toodles) and i can't tell you how amazing he is. He is also in my prayers.
hope to see you in Genesis soon.

Rebecca said...

Hard to believe that this surgery, so far off just a few weeks ago, is now here. He has come so far. I was so excited to hear he was able to get outside. I can only imagine how good that felt to him and to you too! God we are so grateful for all you have done and are doing. Once again we ask you to inhabit the OR with Jacob and to appoint healing guardians to perform the procedure tomorrow. Lord, as you kept Jacob company during his long sleep we ask again that during his surgery you will protect him from all risks, you will give the surgeon expertise beyond the scope of their training. Chat with Jacob throughout the surgery so his recollection will be time with you. We ask that you will awake him readily and fully afterward so he can resume his conversations with Mom and Dad. Give Tom and Debbie, Robbie and Jensen peace and comfort yet again. Pour your strength into them all. Father, please give them good news! In Jesus we ask.