Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Debbie spent last night in Jacob's room again. He slept most of the afternoon and was more awake in the evening. Fortunately Debbie did the same. Years of training with small children - sleep when they sleep. I wrote this on facebook this morning but I will share it here to: Jacob asked three things this morning: where am I, where is dad, where is my cell phone. Love it. He should be less hazy soon to maybe communicate through text. If he can write with his left thumb.

I picked up Jensen this morning and went to church. It was a good reminder that the blessings of God is not in the gifts he gives us but in his presence in our lives - that is the whole point of Jesus life and death - the incarnate presence of God.Take some time to read John 1 - love that chapter - love that picture of God coming down to us - blessing us with his personal touch. It was a good reminder for me - encouraged me greatly as we continue to face each day. Though our lives will never be the same - though I wish that I could turn back time and change the events - I know that we have been brought to new levels of faith-hope-love to deeper connection with God who has not and will not abandon us.

The physical therapist is in there right now working with Jake. He is a little tired. Was really glad to see me - we both cried a bit - but there is a sense of deep comfort by the presence of the other.

Debbie has been able to sleep and shower in a "Sleep Room" that they have here. We also have signed up and been told about the JW House started by a 16 year old Bellarmine student who was being treated here for cancer. He dreamed of a place where families could stay when their kids were in the hospital. Awesome. They ask for the families to simply pay $30 a night. What a blessing. We got on the list and have that as an option if we want to stay close. I look forward to supporting this house in the near future as we get back on our feet. Very, very cool.

I really just wanted to write a quick update on what is going on with Jacob and this journey for those that are still with us. This will be a big week - praying for continued stability and healing, guidance for doctors, nurses, therapists, and all as they get familiar with Jake and us. So far it has been wonderful - they have been wonderful - amazingly peaceful.

I was thinking about what we left at Valley Med and smiled to myself as I think about the people that we met there - that we will always treasure - no longer do we call them nurse, doctor, janitor, therapist - we call them friends - as close as family. Jesus went through a journey with his disciples and said the same thing - I now call you friend. Unless we truly go through the "valley of the shadow of death" and are faced with evil, death, tragedy we will not as deeply know the depth of friendship. So to all our friends at Valley Med and beyond - we love you thanks for joining us on this journey.

Peace, hope, faith, love,

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

I have been following your story for a few weeks now, and I am ever so happy for you and Jacob for the continued improvement of his health. You are all just amazing. Thank you for all your post, they are very inspiring. May Jacob continue to recover.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC NEWS!! Better get that pizza ready for reaching 1000 friends! He is going to be asking for it soon!!! (Maybe he will order it with the cell phone!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been reading your blog everyday since the accident, but was gone for over a week while my family went camping, so I didn't get to see what's been happening with Jacob. Obviously, a lot has happened! I am rejoicing with you over the incredible progress! God is so good. Looking back at where Jacob was at just 2 weeks ago is nothing like where he is today. I'm excited to see where he will be in 2 more weeks!! I will be keeping you all in prayer. "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; and give you peace." Num. 6:24
Gina Lapioli

Anonymous said...

I am so uplifted every day when I stop by your blog. It is really great to see such great progress with Jacob! We know he still has a great journey to be on, but WOW has he come so far already! We will keep following and praying for all of you!

Gina Vaiana
Morgan Hill

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that you guys have stayed so strong. My mom works at a children's hospital in Sacramento. Shriner's hospital for children. It has excellent care and there is no financial obligation to the family or the patient. If you guys are interested here is the website.

God Bless,
Emma Young

Hannah said...

I stop by at least once a day to see the progress that Jacob has made! Yes, pizza will be in the near future! Praying for continued healing and strength and above all peace. May God's blessings be showered on you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm so happy to hear the great progress Jacob is making. I've been following since the beginning and praying and... God is GOOD!
Keep going Jacob! We are all praying for your complete recovery.
An SLV Mom