Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scooches to Shalom

It is so good to be home. Although weird because I drove into town and home is at the hospital. Jacob looks good. He is more active - trying to get out of bed - but not the hitting thrashing as before. He scooches (how do you spell that?) down and seems to know that if he can get his feet off the lower right of the bed he might be able to escape. His hands are secured in restraints so it is not possible but he actually almost had his lower half completely out of the bed several times. His fever was rising a bit and they gave him some Tylenol. As the fever subsided he slept. He is actually having more awake and sleep time. They told me that his eyes are open a lot of the time. They were for me until he finally slept. He seemed to recognize my voice when I came into the room. Good to be with him. Good to be home. He is healing. I am feeling peace.

Peace is not the absence of fighting. The word shalom in Hebrew that we translate peace is (I believe) more about restoration, completion, perfect - putting things back they way they are suppose to be - the way God intended. That is God's heart - that is his continual work of salvation - that is what Christ died for - to restore what is off - to put things back as they are intended.

The peace of God is increasing in Jacob's room. Restoration is moving forward. So many are praying. God is answering.

PEACE and love.

Tom (Dad)


Cindy Todd said...

Happy you are "home" and safe. We continue to pray for Jacob and all of you! Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Yeah for scooching!! Praying constantly for you all. Give Debbie a hug for me and tell her I have missed her.
Jessicah Travis

Debbie said...

So glad your trip went well, that your home, and that you feel an increase of restoration and peace. May it continue...and that you will feel an overwhelming sense of redeemtion. Loving and praying for Jacob...and for you, Debbie, Robbie and Jensen.

Love you all...

Anonymous said...

So cool to see Jake's fighting spirit is still there. He sounds a lot like AJ to me - a fighter through and through, and stubborn as all get out!! Glad that he can't hurt himself, but still... LOL

I'm also glad to hear that you have God's peace in all of this. It's a long slow process, but you're right - God is faithful and will provide the peace we need. Glad to hear of God's continued answered prayer.

Trusting Him to continue to answer prayers.

Victoria said...

Rec'd this email request to post from Carol:

God thank You for these good reports. Continue doing what You are doing in Jacob. Thank You for giving Tom these little blessings and the encouragement that it gives him. God You are awesome and so very amazing!!!
Blessings, Carol