Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Night

I really wish I could post something new - but at this point it is still a continual waiting, watching, adjusting meds, decreasing, increasing, trying to find the balance that keeps acceptable thrashing with rate of reduction. Electricity is not a normal burn. It moves from inside out and moves in unpredictable patterns. Jacob has been resting more today, a lot more than yesterday. Right now as I write they are bringing down one the sedatives to see how he does - to see if they can lower it and have him continue to rest. Wisdom Lord for the doctors and nurses tonight.

It is so easy to pray for what I want God to do and yet within the prayer I need to also release my trust to that God is fully in control and that he sees what needs to happen so much more clearly. Too often, especially now, my prayers have been surrounding what I think should happen and what my desires are - noble, loving, honorable as they are...yet first and formost prayer is about standing in the presence of God with wonderment. Perhaps in our prayers tonight we simply worship God for who he is - he does know our burderns and our prayers already. Listen, waiting and seek to understand the God who loves you - is allpowerful, allknowing, fully able to do more than we can imagine.

I can feel my eyes getting tired so thinks will get more confusing as I write so I will stop.

Love and peace

Tom (Dad)


Janis said...

Tom and Debbie-
I have been following Jacob's journey. I am not sure what to say but feel compelled to write. I am a burn survivor myself. In January I was brought to SCVM with something like 24% of my body burnt, they did not think I would survive. And although I cannot pretend to know what you are enduring, I do know with all that I am, Jacob could not be in more loving and competent hands. The nurses at the burn unit saved my life and my spirit. They are phenomenal. Given the tragic circumstances, Jacob is lucky to be where he is and I truly believe he feels the love around him. I did.

John Hixson said...

Oh, Tom, just as you said, "my prayers have been surrounding what I think should happen". But you have been my "pastor" as I'm out in the boondocks of Montana, and you've constantly been increasing my trust in God, and so, now I see that "first and foremost, prayer is about standing in the presence of God with wonderment." Today is Sunday, & I've got no church nearby, so, taking your good advice, I'll "simply worship God for who He is." My prayers for the entire Kirkendall family will not cease until all are answered, but the prayers will be filled with praise for our Father who loves you all more than any of us can.
Love and blessings from Judy Hixson