Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sat quick update

Jake's day is much different than yesterday. Perhaps he knows it is Saturday - sleeing in. Although he would have been up and surfing by now - on his way to Freeline for work - riding his fixie. Jacob would be starting school this coming week. Crazy how thing have changed. Yet he IS improving. He IS healing.

The Burn Unit doctors examined his wounds this morning and are pleased and amazed at the healing of his wounds. The head wound has begun healing nicely - there is new growth of skin around the edges - he will still need to have surgery at some point with the dead skull and such but it is so good to know that his body is healing itself. Also his index finger on his right hand which was badly damaged is healing as well. The doctor actually said it is healing better than it would have if they had done surgery on it. The credit this to him being young and healthy - I would like to alos add some divine intervention as well.

Blood tests show that there is still a yeast fungus and a bacterial infection somewhere in his body but it does not appear to be from any of the wounds. It is somewhere inside him. Some sort of continued healing needs to happen from internal wounds that we cannot see yet. But with all this his vitals are still good - fever has not spiked in the last couple of days and he is on antibiotics.

So do you get some specific prayers out of all of that?

He is starting to wake up a little so I am closing this out. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Love and Peace

Tom (Dad)

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Ones
You all are in my prayers for Jacob's recovery and you all receiving God's grace,strength and courage. I am moved and inspired by your writings and the perspective of having wounds scrubbed makes me grimace and yet it also touched a truth I have had in my own life.I, of course, do not want any of us to have pain and I would love to shield Jacob and the other young woman who is also in the midst of a crises. My own spiritual community also has a loved one in her own crises. Her loving husband, children, friends and family surround her also with prayers.
What an unusual time we are in and we are holding hands together in spirit if not physically.I feel our circle of loving healing friends.
love and blessings