Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet Saturday

Not much to report. Jake has bee really quite all day. He woke a bit a couple of times during the day but overall he seems to be resting comfortably. His temp is actually now below 99 - very cool. All in all good day and although we expect him to be uncomfortable in this process right now it is not mandatory. He seems to be comfortable and to meds are continuing to come down. My wife tells me I put that too simply but she is on top of the drugs - my pea -size brain is unable to keep track.

Overall I am tired - we are all tired - exhausted in fact. Despite getting some sleep this is such a long process. Honestly it is easy to start the day out charged by my time with God and confident that I am going to depend on him and then the dreary constant reality of where we are at drags me down. It is like a big "6 Weeks" is a big blinking sign overhead - reminding me of the monotony. And yet we have been given 6 more weeks. Jacob is strong and improving and soon one day I will be able to write that he is awake and we have him back. Until that time we will continue to wait, pray, hope, irritate each other, ask for forgiveness and move on trying to focus on the prize - persevering - not giving up - seeking God to strengthen we who are so week.

Hear our Cry Lord - Save our boy.

Love and peace.

Tom (Dad)


Rebecca said...

Dear Family, we are praying with and for you.

Father, we come to you again on behalf of Jacob and his family. Thank you so much for the healing that is going on in Jake's body - the new skin growth, his breathing on his own, the beginnings of awareness, being able to get up and even stand. Lord you have blessed him with life and strength to fight through this healing process. You have blessed him with a medical team who care for him and have treated him with great success. The fact that he seems to be resting comfortably is even a miracle considering what he has experienced. If he can sleep through the worst of the healing process with no ill effects afterward that itself is a blessing. Father, you know, these are the longest hours of all. The adrenaline that has kept them going is less and the hope for the next sign of improvement is urgent. Bodies, minds and souls have expended their energy and now they simply wait, tired beyond description. Father, I pray that you will reach into this condition they experience and give them health, strength, peace and new energy. As they sleep, grant them not just rest but rejuvenation. Restore their bodies so that they experience creation all over again. Lord, your very character is redemptive. We ask, according to your will, for the comfort of your Holy Spirit to descend on this family and bring wholeness again.

Anonymous said...

Save our Boy!

Noree said...

Dear hearts...
We continue to pray.
We continue to have faith.
We continue to hold you all in our hearts.
We too, rejoice with the steps; Jacob's healing, his lowered temperature, his peaceful times and yes, his restless times, when you know he is working toward that moment of waking to see you.
We love you, precious Kirkendalls.
Noree and family

Barbara Rea said...

Thinking of you guys and praying for your strength as well as Jacob's healing. We love you. ~ the Reas