Tuesday, August 25, 2009


- Jacob sat up in his the chair in his room for about 30 minutes today.
- Jacob got a smaller trach - he should be able to start talking and swallowing.
- Jacob had a CatScan today - all looks normal.
- Jacob's fever is not spiking - staying steady.
- Each day is one of progress, steady progress.
- it is 2pm and he is sleeping - so is mom.
- I brought him in some board shorts from Freeline and Quicksilver (thanks Tara). They suggested we get him some for when he is up and around - beyond the hospital gown.
- I bought him the first season of the Office - his favorite show. When he woke up last night Debbie showed it to him and he smiled big.

We are so thankful that each day we see a little bit more of our Jacob. They actually started to give us an idea for this phase - 8 weeks of being here in the hospital. I take that of course with a grain of salt, knowing the roller coaster that we have been on for 9 weeks now.
God is moving and working and confirming that though this is such a difficult place to be in - we are right here in the midst of where He wants us. Trusting in God as we move through life does not mean we are free of difficulties - catastrophes - heartaches. But having God with us in the midst of what life brings us provides enough hope and strength to step forward each day.
Lord, If only I could turn back the clock, taking away this great pain.
If I could remove this heartache - this path that has been so long.
If only there were a way to reboot this whole process, restoring as it was before.
I have prayed so many times for relief from this burden
I have asked for so many miracles - so hard to see the ones you've provided.
I have begged for you to erase this, my burden, this horrible cross.
But in the midst of this sadness, in this moment of peace
I have come to realize something greater I have not known before.
In the midst of these trials, the pain, the sadness - there's been so much to be gained
As we've clung to your promise and been open to your presence we have seen you
We have known peace beyond measure, joy, hope and amazing unexplainable love
This shows up through your spirit that fills our hearts but also in those that surround us
This truly has been a journey through fire - but in the midst of it we do not stand alone
Lord you are with us moment by moment - you have never left us, never forgotten about us
You also continue to draw people around us that are determined to see us through this
Though I would never willingly engage in this journey - never eagerly seek more hardships
I really need to and want to thank you for this journey see you better than ever
Each day brings me closer to you - don't always like it - often scared - but no place better.
Hope, love, peace
Tom (Dad)


Cindy Todd said...

Thanks for the update. Maybe tomorrow is an outside day. We can pray that way! If we take what they say about when you get to walk out of there then as I see it you are on the downhill side of the hill! Yipee! We will pray for that as well. Loving you all, Cindy PS: I got the pictures and will wait to hear from Debbie when she has time. :)

Christy said...

Hi Kirkendall family,

I'm so sorry for all you've been through, but touched by your faith and all you are learning and sharing on here. I just started following your blog and facebook and I'll add my prayers to all the others who are supporting you!! God bless you Jacob and family, and bring you peace today.

Christy Frampton--Rob's Mom

Bob Duffy said...

Each day brings more miracles:
1. Jacob sat up in his the chair in his room for about 30 minutes today - miracle.
2. Jacob got a smaller trach - he should be able to start talking and swallowing - miracle.
3. Jacob had a CatScan today - all looks normal - miracle.
4. Jacob's fever is not spiking - staying steady - miracle.
5. When he woke up last night Debbie showed the first season of the Office to him and he smiled big - miracle.

Ps. 44:
"Thou art my King, O God;
Command victories for Jacob."

Continuing to pray and watch God work.
-the Duffys

Debbie said...

As always...it is through blurry vision that I read and take in your words. Blurry because of the tears welling within me. The bookends of these tears are heartache and joy. I do not grow tired of thanking you for taking us with you in your journey and in doing so...offering such wisdom, strength, faith, hope and love.

"He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound]. -Isaiah 40:29

With you...

The Childs

The Jackson Family said...

Dear Kirkendall's... I just picked up a copy of the Aptos Times and saw Jacob's picture on the front. I have since read every post on your blog and my heart is weeping for all you have gone through and are going through. Know that I am praying for you constantly and wanting to know any way I can help. Debbie, you are such an amazing woman!! I love you and will continue to pray for strength for you. Give Jacob all my love.
Dawn Jackson "Miss Solberg"

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,
Wow and wow again!!!! Thank You God for all that You've done in Jacob! Thank You that he is smiling and beginning to respond to those that are around him. Thank You God that his catscan was normal. Thank You that he will be able to start talking. Thanks also that he was able to sit up in a chair for thirty minutes.

God, You are not only changing Jacob but You have changed his whole family. They all can see You a little more clearly and know that You are always in the furnace with Your children. That You never abandon Your children and through difficulties You give Your peace and love so that we Your children can get through the situation. Continue God to show Yourself to this family. Thank You God for the miracles You have done so far and we are looking forward to the ones that are yet to come. Amen.
Blessings, Carol