Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving Day

We were told at 10:30 that we would have 4 hours notice before Jacob is moved and that if it did not happen by 6 it would not happen today. At 11:15 we were told that the transport would be here by noon. :p Our current nurses put a big slow down sign up and told them we need more time. So the bottom line is that we are now getting ready to move Jacob and are preparing that we will be on our way to the new digs by 3 or 4.

The unknown is hard. I think the fear is not that we will be getting inadequate care - some of the doctors and nurses here have trained there and done training for those that are there. Jim reminded me last night that "we didn't know any of these scrub-wearing angels either...maybe our family will just grow a little bit more..." I wrote him back that "we are expanding the journey to include a few more people." Again this has become like a home - the nurses, therapists, doctors, psychologist, nutritionist, case manager, janitors, other survivors and family members - I probably forgot someone but you get the idea - are known to us - not only in their professions but who they are as people. I had in my frame that Jacob would walk out of here - not wheel out of here.

But here we go our journey takes a literal change in direction and we will adjust to a new address, a little further away, but where they have complimentary valet parking. As Jensen would say "sweet-sauce."

My prayer continues to simply be, "God you are still faithful, you are still in this and this is right where you want us to be right now, in this moment. May Valley Medical Center be standing stone - a monument - on this journey as a reminder of how you have saved Jacob and restored him thus far. May your glory go forth and may we continue to be a blessing here and now there. We praise you God for continuing to reveal your self - allow us to see you more."

I cannot control much that is going on around me but I can control my reaction which is steered by my attitude - that I can choose which may not always change my action but does a whole lot to change my heart allowing God to sustain my joy.

We will keep you posted.

Tom (Dad)


Janie G said...

I guess the Lord wants to impact even more people at the new hospital with Jacob's life and recovery! I'm believing that there are great things ahead at his next stop before going home. And we will keep praying for you all until you tell us to stop...

shanna said...

Just a reminder: It was at Santa Clara Kaiser that Michael was treated and by the grace of God and the Dr.s God placed in his path there, that he was healed of cancer. We got to know our Dr.s and nurses quite well. They were all well trained and wonderful..You'll be in wonderful hands there!

Lori said...

The new Kaiser facility is amazing! Jacob will be in great hands. Prayers for a safe transport!

CheriƩ Williamson said...

We will be praying for a quick and smooth transition for Jacob and the whole family.

It was hard for us as well when they transferred Connor from Fresno Regional, to Valley in San Jose. The Doc. and staff at Valley had to familiarize themselves with Connor's case... it seemed that the new hospital was repeating all the tests and stats on Connor all over again.. this was frustrating. I know that this was to update records for themselves. But this was hard on Connor and the family. So be prepared for a repeat of questions and tests as they get to know your son. Our first hospital had become home; folks knew us, the docs and staff trusted our abilities and our understanding of our son's condition. It was hard when we had to prove ourselves again to a new staff. In moving from Regional to Valley we discovered that there were a different set of rules regarding our involvement, times we could visit, and new ways of doing things for our son. Neither hospital was right or wrong, it was just we had become familiar with one way of doing things ... this is what made it harder for us to adjust.... but adjust we did. In a few days you too will be more relaxed and will feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

We know what you and Jacob are going through....

Still continuing to believe in full healing for your son and joining you in learning to be where God has us in the moment. Hard as it is for all of us... God is faithful and will see us through this race of endurance.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

God bless you,

Connor's mom

Sharon Shenk said...

Anxious to read your next entry and learn how the move went for Jake and for all of you.
Your statement about JOY is memorable! Such a deep truth. Hope you won't mind that I copied it, edited punctuation just a little (My background is editing) and put it on my own Facebook page with an acknowledgement of your authorship and a brief explanation of your situation. Have already heard back from 5 friends saying that they needed to hear exactly this at just this time.
Thank you for your faithfulness . . . an encouragement to everyone who checks your blog.
Sheri Shenk

Anonymous said...

My kids just went out the door headed to the dance at Aptos High My son said the best thing about this dance "ALL THE PROCEEDS ARE FOR JAKE". Wishing you an easy adjustmet to your new "home" and hoping its a short visit there before your family can return home for good.

Susie Boggs said...

Hang in there~ I know how hard it is when someone you love so much wants to go home soooo badly. It breaks your heart because you know that they are in the best place at the time. Give Jacob a hug for me, and tell him to hang in there. Maybe this will be a quick stop before he can rest in his own bed. Remember when I fell from our second story window? I was in a coma for days (my dad still gets tears in his eyes whenever the subject is talked about).. your mom gave me a box with perfume and powder, which I loved. I was only 4 at the time, but I remember wanting to go home from the hospital too. And I still remember the gift from your mom : ) I can only imagine how exausted all of you are, but with so many prayers, God has a plan, and chances are that the care at Kaiser will be just as special and you are meant to step into the lives of the docs and nurses there. You've touched so many lives, so many sweet hearts, maybe a few more need to experience Jacob and his triumphs.
Take care, and I look forward to hearing about this new place.
Susie Boggs

Anonymous said...

Hope your first hours are going well. Change is not easy, however it is so necessary in life. Things are going to be different, but they would have been different on another floor in the same hospital. We miss Jacob already and we look forward to seeing him again! When he walks back to us!


Anonymous said...

Continued prayer for Jacob, your family and everyone involved in Jacobs care.

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,

Glad that the move went well. Another adjustment, I know I don't like them either. God is there also and we all are reminding Him of the healing that we would like for Him to complete in Jacob.

God give Jacob some awesome staff there at Kaiser, believers, so as they care for Jacob that they will also pray for him and that they would also encourage the family. Thank you God for what You are doing. You Are Amazing IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!
Blessings, Carol