Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moments of restoration

Refreshed by the loving innocence of three beautiful children and loving friends, I am so thankful for God's small gifts. Of course praying for Jacob who is always on my heart. We are expecting a specialist on brain trauma to look at him today. I am heading back from Santa Barbara today and Jensen gets to stay here. They have dubbed it "We Love Jensen Week."

Grief is never far from my heart
ripping, pulling, tearing me down
gripping my heart and squeezing
sadness holds firm

This sadness rips apart my soul,
threatens my joy, hastens my song
each moment of every day
torture, torment knows no escape
In the midst of this despair I simply remember
in a moment where ever I am I return
sadness moves toward joy
clouds clear my view

My Lord, My God, I remember the vision
the encounter, the promise
slightly raising my eyes
you are there - hope, joy, arms open wide
In the depths of this deepest pain
you are there - restore my soul
turn tears of sadness to greater joy
restore, renew, engage my soul

Watch out, stand back and see
the love of God surrounds and longs
standing in the midst of this pain
restore me Lord to joy in your salvation
Thank you for praying today - my focus and perhaps if you would focus as well is on his brain. Amazingly the brain is so complex and wonderful. Pray that God would heal. Pray that God would restore. Pray that Jacob would continue to be touched by the loving hand of God in this moment of pain. Pray that there would be small recognizable moments of restoration today. Amaze us today in the wonder of you, our Lord and our God.
Love and peace
Tom (Dad)


Bob Duffy said...

We will pray today for Jacob's brain, that if there is damage, God would perform His miracle of healing. To the praise of God our Father,
-the Duffys

Victoria said...

Rec'd this email request to post from Carol:

Amen and Amen!!!! God we invite You to amaze us and to blow our socks off!!! Never the less You are good and faithful!!!
Blessings, Carol