Monday, August 10, 2009

Just for today...

Debbie got home about 2 am - things were rough with Jacob - lots of movement. I am already late in heading out there but just wanted to post something quick for I know many of you have already checked the blog. I am having a hard time moving today. God keeps whispering to me just go be with Jake so I am going. I am leaving behind those things which seem so important - bills, insurance, phone calls, job search - and will return to it a little later. There is time for that.

Pray for this Monday starting week 7 as the doctors may have already come through to check on Jake. Pray for greater wisdom, greater miracles, greater restoration. Pray for peace from God to fill us and hold us. Pray for the spikes of doubt and lack of faith. Pray for steadfast holding on to the love that God pours out through his Son.

Pray for Jessica Hute too. I believe she is still critical.

Lord protect and restore our children.

Love and peace in today.

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time in keeping us updated on Jacob at a time when your mind and heart are going back and forth.
I am continuing to pray for strength, courage, hope, miracles for Jacob and your family. If only we could see the miracles happining right now because of Jacob's Journey and your faith. The Holy Spirit is talking to his children. God is here! God is working in so many to come to him and for those that already call him Father, to do what he has called us to do PRAY and treat others as Christ has taught us. THANK YOU for who you have chosen to be in a time of crisis that only you, your family and Jacob really know.
We are here continually praying.
God Bless you all!

Mari said...

Feeling the heaviness of your hearts and praying for all of you this morning, and will spread reminders to those we know who are praying also to really seek the Lord's intervention for you & Jacob today & throughtout this week, and for Jessica too. Tears & much love from the Kings

Bob Duffy said...

We join you in your requests and will lift them (and you) up to the Lord throughout the day.
-the Duffys

Rene Schlaepfer said...

Hello Kirkendall Family,

Laurie and I are checking your blog while visiting family here in Oregon. Thank you so much for diligently updating it so that we can pray more knowledgeably. I have asked my sister and her loved ones to keep Jacob in prayer as I have spread to them your story.

We love you and think of you and your faith-based endurance often.


Rene and Lauie

Victoria said...

Rec'd this email request to post from Carol:

God we agree with this prayer of Tom's.

FROG4U said...

I continue to pray for Jacob, you and the family. I pray for complete healing of all of Jacobs organs and tissues. I pray that there are no more issues with infection. I pray that the healing process would be shortened 100 fold. I pray that the Lord would continue to sustain you and that at those moments when you feel as though you just can't go on that would be when you know that the Lord is carrying you. I pray for an army of angels to surround your Jacob and lift him to awake and heal and walk and talk and draw him back to his former self that he would be just as he was prior to the accident. I pray that the Lord would continue to use this situation to speak into the lives of so many and that he would continue to draw you unto him and show you his heart.
I am praying for Job for you Tom. I pray that the Lord would show you exactly where you are to be looking and prompt you to go to a place where the job will be waiting. I pray for financial freedom and spiritual support.
You are truly a blessing to so many and I pray the Lord would bless you as you have blessed us all.

caroll said...

I think of Jacob and all of you every day and hope every time I open your blog that I will read about a little improvement on Jacob's condition. I had a dream about you Debbie last night that I saw you, took you in my arms and gave you the biggest hug I could give you.
Much love and peace