Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where you are is where God wants you.

Jake rested for a few hours after the surgery - and then began waking up around 6pm. Honestly it is tough right now. He is waking up and more realizing what is going on around him - who we are, nurses, routines, which are going to hurt and won't hurt. He is mouthing words to us and I really think tonight he was telling me "I want to go home." Over and over I assure him that he is right where God wants him to be right now in this moment. It is the best place for him to be and that he needs to be patient with himself. I need to say the same words over and over again to myself. "Stop trying to go ahead of where you are right now in this moment."

I am tired and falling asleep but need to simply write something - helps me to sleep. God has brought us all on this journey to come to a point of knowing that the plan of God takes me where He wants - I may have other plans - very good and goldy plans but they are just ideas, they are not God's hand moving and knowing that he is the one really directing all of this.

Tomorrow morning I read James and am very excited about it.

Faith, love and peace

Tom Kirkendall


Mari said...

So sorry for the new hard season you're in on this journey! We will be praying for peace & patience for Jacob today and for renewed strength in perserverence for you!
Thank you for the reminder to rest in God's plans for us & where we're at, not trying to push our way through walls to make our own ideas work! Wow, needed that! God's ways & timing are always best. Started reading James this morning too... so much tough meat to chew on!
Know that we will be with you today, holding you up in hope & love & prayer. We're so encouraged & thankful to God for the miraculous healing He has already done in Jacob! Wow, God is so good!!!

We Kings miss you Jacob!!! Rest now, be patient & heal!!! :-) xoxo

Johanna said...

I love you guys. Good words for us to hear too, Tom...may God continue to give you strength,wisdom insights and revelations for each day that will help you walk this journey with your son. with love and prayers from our hearts here in Idaho..

Sharon Shenk said...

Tom, Deb and Robbie,
I hope you realize that you are writing a book - or at the minimum, a devotional - that will encourage people all over the world as they face their own trials.

I know we will meet some day. Our family has been praying since July 1 and won't stop.