Monday, August 17, 2009

He rose...

Jacob had a very active morning and then I think must have spent himself a bit so he slept most of the afternoon. Around 5pm he was sleeping. I had borrowed a couple of videos from the surf shop he works at, Freeline. I had it playing and he opened his eyes a couple of times and seemed to like it and then went back to sleep. I started it a second time and maybe he was dreaming he was on the beach or something but he seemed to wake up sat up trying to get out of bed. He sat up on his own - struggling but on his own and seemed determined to get out that door. The nurse kept asking him if he wanted to get up and I was thinking don't ask him that unless you mean it. Next thing I know another nurse was in here and lowering his side railing helping him to sit up. But Jake did not want to sit up - he stood up. Forgot he was over six feet as he towered over the nurses. Dang he looked so good. Behind me doctors and nurses and gathered at his door greeting him and encouraging him. Each of the nurses gave him a high five after he was back in bed. He then did it again about 15 minutes later - moving faster than the nurses have time to get themselves gowned. After all of this I sat next to him on the bed for a long while which was very nice for both of us. He pulled on my hat - jiggled my belly - was a bit more and more of Jacob.

Each day shows improvement.

Just as I was writing the above line, Jake woke up. He had me sit on his bed for quite a while - as he did last night at this time he seemed to just overwhelmed at the reality of where he was: terrified. I sat with him grabbing my shoulder. Calming down. He is still on a lot of medication and is still coming in and out. But he is coming back - he is getting better.

This song, I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Louie Giglio and Matt Maher, keeps going in my head:

There's a peace I've come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There's an anchor for my soul
I can say it is well

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow no more pain
I will rise on eagle's wings
Before my God fall on my knees and rise
I will rise

Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the dead

There's a day that's drawing near
When this darkness breaks to light
And the shadows disappear
And my faith shall be my eyes

And I hear the voice of many angels sing
Worthy is the Lamb
And I hear the cry of ev'ry longing heart
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

I will rise
I will rise

Love, peace, hope

Tom (Dad)


Cindy Todd said...

This is SO exciting! Thank you for encouraging us with your GOOD news! Love you guys and continue to pray! Cindy

Noree said...

Tommy, Debbie and family~
I have read and reread your latest blog. Wow. Wow. I can't imagine the sheer joy at seeing your boy stand. I can picture Tommy sitting on the bed next to his son...again, sheer joy...
I know there is still much road ahead for your Jacob. I hope you can take a moment to look back at that FAR you have traveled.
Know that you are always surrounded by the love and prayers of your family and friends...
and held in the tight grip of our Lord.
Sending love to you all. Thanking our God.
Bless, bless, bless~
Noree and family

Heidi said...

Praising God that Jacob is standing up and waking up more and more. So happy to hear of the progress and know that you must be finding encouragement in it. We will continue to keep you all in prayer. :)

Chris said...

Dear Tom, Debbie & family,
This is SO AMAZING, and we are so filled with joy for Jacob & you!!! Wow, standing! What were once painful tears of sadness reading the blogs are now joyful tears of gladness! :-) So happy for you, for hope restored! We will continue to pray for the road of healing ahead, and we won't forget these victorious moments that God has given us along the journey, strengthening our faith & hope, believing for Jacob's complete recovery. God is so good!!! Love from the Kings

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob,

Welcome back! You are blessed by the love surrounding you. Keep fighting, but be patient too. . . with yourself. You are an amazing young man, and more people than you know are filled with love and admiration just because you are you.

Bob Duffy said...

Wow, wow, wow! We rejoice with you as we see the strong arm of God moving in such exciting ways! Today my journey through Psalms brought me to Ps. 30:

"Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me,
O Lord, be Thou my helper.
Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing;
Thou hast loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness;
That my soul may sing praise to Thee, and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to Thee forever."

Praying continually on this journey with Jacob, you, us and God.
-the Duffys

Anonymous said...

Everyday I read your blog and have tears in my eyes by the time I am done. God is so good! Our family is praying for you continually. So great to hear such good news today!

Tammy Pigao said...

He stood up! Praise God! Wow, how that must have felt. The joy! Wow! I am so excited for you! Our God is an awesome God, He reigns on Heaven and Earth ....

The Griffin Family said...

Wow! Amazing news! How great to have Jacob's personality coming back little by little. Watch out, because he'll be wanting to head toward the door!

Victoria said...

Rec'd Email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,
Wow, this is so very exciting!!!! He is alive and seems to be wanting to get going even though his body isn't quite ready for it. When do the doctors expect to remove his tube so he can begin to speak once again?

I'm sure it would help him lots to be able to speak to you and the rest of the family. God is so good!!!!! He is causing your boy to come alive once again and be what he was like before. I can tell that it really is a good overwhelming feeling for you to see Jacob do what he has been doing even though it isn't really wise right now just because his body isn't strong enough right now.

It's always a good feeling when your kids do what is natural for them to do and how they interact
with us as their parents. Ya gotta be saying, "that's my boy coming back full steam ahead"! Yet you are so aware of the road that still lies ahead of you.

Rejoice for now for these things that he is beginning to do and wants to do. Laugh, cry and enjoy these special moments that God is giving you cause down the road you will look back and it will renew your hope and make you laugh. I'm so awe struck by the faithfulness and goodness of God!!!!! All I can say is He is so amazing!!!!
Blessings, Carol