Friday, August 28, 2009


Good day. Did not finish typing a posting from D-mom. Check back this evening. Thanks for continued prayers. Do something incredible this weekend - we are - hanging with Jacob! Each day a new treasure right from the hand of God.

Good Night now it is 11pm I did post from Deb but it is after this one...sorry for confusion.


Bob Duffy said...

How exciting. A weekend we have been praying for for so long now. Sorry about taking this out of context with unabashed mis-quoting and modifications:
Luke 15:32+ (modified):
But we had to be merry and rejoice, for this son of yours was nearly dead and has begun to live, was nearly lost but now is found.

With tears of joy,
-the Duffys

vicky said...

I am so happy for you Jacob and your loving family...what a wonderful place to be for
all of you this weekend..with family....and I welcome you back Jacob! You and your family are in my heart and I pray for you daily and look to the Lord for continued love, comfort and strength in your recovery! You will get through this with your faith and trust in God!