Saturday, August 1, 2009

God is moving beyond this...

I wanted to share this message I recieved from a high school friend. I wanted to share it with you all. Check out the comments on the blog too - nurses and friends who are experiencing God.
Hi Tom,

It is so awesome to know that so many kids are acting out of faith and love. I have been reading all of your blogs and they are inspiring.Although we could not attend the benefit concert, my daughter's and I, Brooke and Brittany went online and ordered a tee shirt for each one of us.

On Thursday, my youngest, Brittany wanted to wear her tee shirt and we were going to proceed to do some fun things with my nephews who are visiting us from the bay area. On that particular day, before we left, Brittany appeared to go into a seizure and we had to call 911. This is something that has been happening for about the past four years now and the doctor's are not quite sure that she is even experiencing what they consider a typical "seizure". Nonetheless, she is fine now. But, as we traveled in the ambulance and arrived at the hospital, people commented on Brittany's tee shirt. We shared Jacob's story with one of the paramedics, as well as the nurse's in the hospital. What a testimony of faith and love.

I marvel at the way that people in God's world who have never met one another continue to unite in faith and love because of Jacob's journey. We continue to pray for healing for Jacob and your family.


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Anonymous said...

Tom - This story that you told about your friend moves me... It falls very close to my heart... I have had epilepsy since I was 10... When I "fell" and got hurt there is no way that I would have been able to move past myself to share an awesome testimony in the middle of my stressful situation. That is AWESOME! It makes me so thankful that God IS moving in our community and that we are all being filled with this faith and love that we move PAST OURSELVES to share what GOD has planned. Thanks for sharing. It encourages me to always put Gods plan first and show HIS love EVERYWHERE and in EVERY situation.
Love you and praying continually for your family,