Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Outside

Jacob is resting - and has a fever of about 101. Neurologists have come and gone - surgery later in the week - we have to wait for an opening. My understanding right now is that they will do a procedure that removes muscle from Jake's thigh and place it as a skin graft over his skull. At some point he will also have to remove the dead skull and replace it with a puzzle piece cap that fits perfectly. I have been with Jensen today getting ready for school to start. We just got the the hospital so my information is coming through Debbie - who understands it all well. I feel like I am relaying a message much like Tim Taylor from his neighbor Wilson on Home Improvement. I will work on getting clearer as we get closer - at least you know how to pray: fever, surgery, healing...

Jake wakes up at about 3 in the morning and has a lot of questions. Debbie is sleeping in the room with him as we hate the idea of him being confused and with out us near. We hate the idea of him feeling abandoned - in the midst of all of this - to know that he is safe. We are in the Pediatric ICU which is so different than the burn unit. It is taking some getting use to for how they operate and for them to get use to Jake's needs - which are quite unique. The smells are different, access is different, waiting room is different, the teamwork is different... but all of course care a great deal and want to see Jacob up and out of here.

The last two days there has been talk of getting him into a chair and getting him outside to the courtyard here. It did not happen again today - we are going at Jake's pace - with a little pushing. But pray that it can happen tomorrow. Jake is better when he is outside - he longs to be outside doing anything - surfing, biking, reading, eating dinner. He drives us crazy when he is inside too long. Pray that we can get him outside. It makes me think of a song that Robbie Seay Band sings:
Go outside
And praise the God who mapped the stars out in the sky
Gather ‘round with those who love and sing
He is our King

No one should be left out
No one should be left out
No one should be left out
No one should be left out
If you have air to breathe
Hear your call to sing

Praying that Jacob would "go outside".

Tom (Dad)


Sue said...

I will certainly be praying for this. Miracles are happening daily!

Anonymous said...

From the time that you shared Jacob's accident through Jacob's Journey and the pictures of his beautiful smile soaking in evey moment of life I knew this was a young man who through our Heavenly Father would touch so many lives as I'm sure he has with all that have met him. I too love being outside and feel the most alive when I am. We are still with you praying for Jacob's fever, surgery and healing and that Jacob will be able to go outside. We love and pray for all of you. We're the circle around Jacob, you and your family with Jesus Christ in the center.

Noree said...

Dear hearts...
We will pray for some time in the sun tomorrow. And for his fever to be gone when next he wakes, which will no doubt give him more energy to go outside. So glad that Debbie is able to be there.
Sending our love and countless prayers...
Bless, bless, bless~and so many hugs to you all,
Noree and fam

Rebecca said...

Ah God, I cannot imagine the healing you have done in Jacob. A couple weeks ago we were asking you to help him breathe on his own and now he is asking to go outside! Thank you for preserving Jacob's spirit to want to do all the old familiar things. Thank you that he knows his family and loves to have them close. Thank you that he is able to express his feelings to them. Lord, we ask you, along with Jacob, to relieve his fever and whatever is causing it, that you prepare Jacob's body for the upcoming surgery and that it will be a profound success and heals quickly, and of course God, meet the desires of his heart and help him to be strong enough to go outside and enjoy your creation. Father, give Jacob strength and energy and fill him with hope and security. Please overwhelm the whole family with your provision for them including strength and rejoicing. Lord, you are so good!

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

God, You hear the cries of this father's heart so we agree with him that You would continue to bring inner healing, outer healing, bring down the fever and calmness to Jacob's internal up heavel. Continue to help Jacob to communicate with his family and for them to respond honestly with him so that he can understand all that is happening and required of him so that he can go home. Help the doctors to know how exactly to help this young man and do all that they can to help him.

Lord, we know You will pick up where there needs to be a touch from Your hand. Continue to bring amazing healing to Jacob's body and soul. Help him to be able to go outside so that he can have fresh air, be out in the open and to see You there. Let him even take a little nap outside just so that he can have a relaxed nap in the fresh air. Continue Father to comfort, encourage and strengthen this entire family as only as You can. Thank You for all that you have done in Jacob thus far. It has been amazing to see what You have done!!!! Continue to glorify Yourself! Amen.
Blessings, Carol