Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy Day

Crazy day yesterday.

It was hard to let go of Robbie again...necessary pain. In the midst of joy with Jacob, it is so very hard...

Jacob is so aware of what is going on around him. He absolutely knows who we are and hears our voices and reacts. He cannot talk because of the trach tube (can we pray that we take that out this week?) and still has a feeding tube going through his right nostril down the back of his throat. You can tell he desperately wants water - his mouth is so dry. He is communicating and seeming to take in where he is and what he is doing. I showed Jacob a picture of he and his friends (they are covering the walls) - he smiled. He took my hand at one point and placed it on his head and I explained his wound - same with his right hand.

Right now as I write this I am at home. I am going to go down and Jensen soon in Capitola. Debbie is at the hospital and the nurses stopped her when she came in this morning as they in tears told of how responsive and aware Jacob was during the night.

It was hard for me to leave him last night. It is that same feeling of leaving your two year old crying with a sitter. As I told Jacob I was leaving, he was so distraught - pulling on me shaking his head no. The blessing of restoration is not always easy I guess. Soon he let go and calmed down and our friends Jim and Sue who have been so faithful by our side stayed with him. I called a bit later wondering if I should go back but he was asleep - he was peaceful.

Hebrews 12:7,12-13
Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. "Make level paths for your feet,"so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

More later.

Peace, Love, Hope

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

We have all been praying for this! It's hard, and will continue to be hard, but praise that God has woken Jacob up and he can actually understand things! Continue to praise God in his healing!
Keep taking deep breaths....this is what we have asked for! It's a huge step!

Anonymous said...

The miracles continue - thank You, God.

Debbie said...


I cannot begin to express the pure joy and elation at reading your words. To KNOW that with each day, Jacob is emerging into more awareness and is visibly showing recognition and affection of you is astounding. What a beautiful unfolding of answers to endless prayers. For you to also see his desire and acceptance of your comfort leaves me speechless! And the nurses greeting to Debbie, priceless. So many standing with you, so many rejoicing!

Anonymous said...

As hard as this must all be, having him responding so much is so great to hear.

Morgan Hill

Rebecca said...

I am so happy to hear - you're getting hugs, Jake is asking questions and receiving the answers, and he is expressing his opinion! Such huge evidence of the healing that has happened. Praise God! God how do we begin to say thank you for life restored? Thank you for life, for vitality in Jacob! We eagerly look forward to the next steps of healing and we ask that those steps include his ability to eat, drink and speak. Father give the doctors great wisdom to know when his body is ready to manage these tasks so they can remove the trach. Give Jacob the patience he needs to wait it out until it is safe. Lord, as Jacob is now so aware please give him a bond and a sense of safety and comfort with the medical staff that is with him even when the family has to be elsewhere. I pray that he will be able to wave 'bye to them with the same sense of well being that he used to display on the way to go surf. Fill Jake up with the intimate knowledge of your presence with him and set him free from any sense of disablity, replaced by energy for the challenge. I don't know how you can change our hearts that way, but I know you came to give us freedom so we ask this for Jacob. In Jesus we pray.

FROG4U said...

I am praising the Lord for the progress and praying for even more. I pray for complete healing and quick.
Tom, I am just so thankful and grateful for you having such an open heart and sharing all that you have. it has made a great impact on my life.
I continue to intercede for Jacob and for the family. I pray for God to continue to restore your family and to heal Jacob and give him peace and no pain.
Thanks so much for the updates and the scriptures.
Glory to God for all he has done and is doing.

JoAnna Johnstone.....Shanna's friend said...

Knowing that Jacob is improving and responding more each day....what a wonderful feeling for your family! You are in my thoughts everyday...

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,
So good to hear that Jacob is responding so well. Maybe he will be able to leave the burn unit soon so that he can do physical therapy at home. I'm so glad that you are in tune with Jacob and are able to understand him and tell what has happened to him. This usually helps with the healing process and it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to flicker at the end.

It's so neat to see God at work and bringing Jacob out of his coma state and all. I'm sure it was hard to see Robbie leave to go back to LA, more so after seeing all that happened between him and Jacob. I'm sure it helped Robbie to see how well he is doing compared to how Jacob was not too long ago when you took him down to LA.

Again God is showing His faithfulness. He is good and so very amazing!!!!
Blessings, Carol