Friday, August 28, 2009

Bizarro World of Debbie

Debbie wrote this out on Weds at 6PM so it is a little old...

Time for my "nap" - (6:02 PM!)

Jim and Sue Reynolds hang with Jake in his Pediatric ICU room here @ Kaiser Santa Clara while I get hopefully a 2 hour shot at sleep so i can be more alert with Jake in his room through the nite as needs arise - he gets "bothered" every few hours for bandage changes, body washing, medicine times, mouth/oral care (yuk! hates it), re-arranging on the bed, etc, etc. beeping machines & more beeping machines, hissing machines that don't stop.........Jakey coughing & needing to catch the loogies in a towel before they end up in my hair (that really happened!)

He is also becoming amazingly more aware and cognizant and comprehending his strange new world he's landing in - I cannot tell you the depths of thankfulness I have to God in my heart that Jacob knows who we are...he still has his gorgeous smile (thanks to God and the oral care - yuk!). Jacob has spent time in our middle of the night "chats" stroking my head, comforting me (of all things) as I lay my head on a pillow on his bed - tears we share seem precious and necessary. He mouthed asking me about 4am today "how long have I been here?" I was honest - 5 days here at Kaiser and 2 months @ Burn Unit in Valley Med. "You got really hurt buddy and they've worked very very hard to help you heal and you're getting a little better each day." Don't worry about the time you've been asleep - just know that "home" is where our family is, we will never leave you, you are our miracle from God, I'm so glad you are alive and able to talk to me - none of this is your fault - you can cry as much as you want, be angry, mean etc. I'll still love you because I'm so glad you are alive.' Jacob said in response that he was overwhelmed at it being so long that he'd been "asleep".....stunned, shocked, unbelief probably going on inside him...later this afternoon when he was "alone" with Tom, he told him, "I know how long I've been asleep for...." They cried together. Please pray God gives proper healthy healing thinking & emotions to Jakey as he becomes more aware of the nightmare that happened and continues to happen to him.....imagine being 17 and unable to get out of bed to go the bathroom, unable to work the remote yourself or even use your cell phone.......he should have started his senior year that first day of school was very hard for me - Jake basically slept thru it....I tell myself now that he hates homework & he can't exactly walk down the halls with all the wounds he has still...

Please pray God continues to perform his miracles in Jake's mind, emotions, and body. Pray for wisdom for neurosurgeons as they deliberate over the operation on JK's skull bone - he knows nothing except that he got "really badly hurt" so far & the certain areas that are wounded. Pray please that the surgery on his skull does NOT set him back...he has been talking softly to us, comprehending life around him, standing up, sitting up, got into a chair & wheeled to a shower that he hated.....the spray & even touch of water is almost too much for him right now......

I left Tom with Jake today, picked up Jensen from his 1st day of 6th grade where I was hugged by several loving women (okay, one man - the principal) and wondered if they could tell I felt kind of hollow and dizzy inside as we chatted. It was so good to do something normal - yet so unreal from the last two months of existence. I am daily seeing terrible wounds on Jacob and dealing with him "hocking a loogy" out of his trach hole - one actually projected to the ceiling and landed on my head across the room. Jake would have loved knowing he'd done that! Does phlegm make good conditioner?

I also today I went by the fire station in Aptos to see the brave, heroic, compassionate, caring, hard-working, dedicated, faithful and loyal man I've not yet met face to to face who originally saved Jacob's life. He was not there - but I will meet you Greg! Be prepared for tears, smiles, hugs, thanks, wonder, respect, awe, gratefulness, etc . from our heart to yours.

I then went by my last home away from home - the Burn Unit at Valley Medical. This unit is like a M*A*S*H unit and Kaiser is like a hotel - both necessary and appreciated for Jake's life. I thought they'd all be too busy to see me. Instead I got lovingly attacked/hugged by many and cameras and group photos were taken - I only hope somehow, someway I can repay to each one of you who've helped Jake and us to live -

This is Tom writing now:
Debbie ended it there. I think the wound nurse came in to check out Jake and take pictures of his wounds - catching up on the learning curve. Today (Friday) Jake got to stand and try to walk with a walker. He was pretty discouraged about not walking - I told him each day is a day closer - a little bit better - one step at time - "you will walk; you will ride your bike, you will surf." Jake asked me about school - I told him I had talked to the principal and that when it he was able we will re-enroll and do what we need to do to make sure he graduates - right now this is where God has us - we will get you back there as soon as we can.

The neurologist came in again and talked through the operation to come - Jake was awake - not sure how much he took in - pretty overwhelming - it might be next Tuesday or Thursday for surgery. Honestly we know this is the next step for us on this journey but it is incredibly scary what they are going to do - I think I have described it previously so I won't do it again.

Right now as I finish this up Robbie is visiting at with Jacob. He was able to get a ride up with a friend coming home for the weekend. (Thanks Bethany!) Perfect timing - before the surgery - they can talk brother to brother - cry brother to brother - connect face to face. Wish I was there - but I get the joy of hear Jensen play with three buddies as he gets an overnight at home.

Thanks for hanging with us - the community around us continues to amaze us - I could use some more of your stories of what God is doing in your life on the blog though - I know for some it hard to figure out how to get on and make a comment. I just made an e-mail account that you can send us messages to:

In the midst of this journey we continue to see God move - I look forward to hearing your stories.

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

YUK Please no more "phlegm" talk.

Susie Boggs said...

I have a story for you. October 22, 2004, a friend of mine asked me to come by and visit. She also had another friend there.. we had a glass of wine, hung out for a little while. Colin went to pick up Emily and her friend from a football game and then swing by and pick me up. Just as Colin was coming in the door, I was saying good bye to everyone and leaned over to pet my friends dog goodbye... he lunged at my face and bit me. I had no idea how bad it was, just blood everywhere, went into shock... very, very s l o w motion with everything. Colin kept very calm and I remember him telling me, "we are going to the ER and Dr. K will help us." I worked for Dr. K, a plastic surgeon, for a couple of years as receptionist and medical transcriptionist and he told me that if I, or any of my family ever needed him, that he would be there. He really helped me out that night because my friend brought a piece of my upper lip into the ER that was left behind on her kitchen floor.(I know, gross huh)Well, my lip was grafted back where it was supposed to be, and I had sutures on the inside of my lip up above my front teeth (really uncomfortable place for sutures), and my lips were black and blue from the attack. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. This is the part where God stepped in.. each time I closed my eyes, I saw the dog coming at my face and I'd wake up screaming and crying and freaking out... no matter how tight my husband hugged me and tried to comfort me, that dogs face was in my dreams. Colin went to our priest and asked him to phone me, Father Simon called and he asked me to come by his office so that he could Bless my lips. I had no idea that lips could be Blessed, but I was willing to do anything to help my healing. When I got to his office, I wasn't looking that great, but he annointed my lips and said a prayer that went something like this, "God, Bless Susie's lips, and help her not be afraid of dogs and other creatures..." Tom, after having nitemares five nights in a row of the dog coming at me... I did not have a nitemare that night, nor the following nights. I woke up knowing that God was watching over me and helping me to find peace. I still had to go through a bit of counseling because they said that I was going through post traumatic stress, but with breathing techniques (sort of like Lamaze) I can deal with large dogs... I'm not saying that my heart doesn't go crazy when I see a big black lab nearby because it does, but I try to remember that God's creatures are loving creatures and I just met up with a not so friendly one. I found a wonderful doctor in SF that only works on faces and he did reconstructive surgery for me. My lip doesn't look like it used to, but I am SO thankful to have what I have. I remember asking myself, "why did this happen?" but as you know.. bad things happen to people every day, good people. Good things come out of situations that aren't always the easiest to go through. This is my story of when God stepped into my nitemares and led me back to pleasant dreams.
I know that you've been through so much, and you'll have difficult things ahead, with so many people praying for Jacob, the best can only happen. I'm sure God is there with Jacob to give him peace with so much he has awoken to.
Hugs to all of you ~

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear K Family--
I never knew of Jacob or any of you until a few days ago when I noticed your group on a new Facebook Friend's info. Since then, I have been reading from your daily blog and praying for Jake. You guys are all going through so much and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Please know you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

FROG4U said...

Thanks so much for the story Debbie, It is so wonderful to hear and read about how God is bringing back Jacob. These are stories that you will be able to look back on and laugh about. There is so much God in all of this. it is so aparent that the Lord has something so amazing planned for Jacob. He is most definitely a miracle. I enjoyed reading about the Phlegm. I have had things like that happen to me from my children. again it is a story that you will look back on and laugh.
I continue to pray for immediate complete healing for Jacob. I pray peace and rest for you all.

D said...

One of my prayers from the start was that Jacob would be himself again and be able to communicate with you and comfort you. I am so thankful that his mind is in good shape and that he is communicating and especially to hear that he is comforting you too! What a blessing!

Enjoyed the funny story...hmmm does phlegm make a good conditioner...good question! Keeping a good sense of humor is so wonderful and helpful! You are amazing!!!

I'm available and happy to help if you need anything...

Heidi Mackie :)

Carolyn =^..^= said...

The following is a tweet I got from John Piper:

"said just before the biopsy. . . . 'We're not out of the woods yet, but we're glad we know the Maker of the forest.' ~Jason F."

Cindy Todd said...

Debbie, One of your best qualities is your candor. Thank you for continuing to be "you"! We love you guys and continue to pray for you all and for complete healing for Jacob. We all prayed for the Jake you all know and love to reimerge from the long nap...and PRAISE be to God he is! Love, Cindy