Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Prayer Request

Today has been a "Jensen Day". I am with him and three friends at the Boardwalk. I keep wondering when I became the old man that followed the kids around and did not go on the rides. It is fun to watch them have fun and hang with them - neck surgery, back issues - no Giant Dipper appeals to me at this point. Take me to the kiddie rides with the grandkids (no not for a few years please).

Debbie called me earlier today and she was informed that Jacob may be moving to Santa Clara Kaiser as early as Monday. At this point he is stable enough to move and is not really as much a burn patient as he is a neurology and skin graft patient - along with rehab. So here comes the reactions again: Shock, Anger, Resentment, Acceptance, Hope. It really hit hard and freaked me out but we are insured by Kaiser and it is inevitable - it just hit a little hard. I keep telling myself, "God is still in this, do not fear what you do not know." Change is hard. This has become our home and the people are family. I wanted all of them to watch Jacob walk out of there and not wheeled out of there.

It has been a stress to deal with insurance - I found out in the emergency room at Dominican that our Cobra had ended because my former employer dropped their plan. It was retro two months. We had to choose between not having any insurance and paying for a really expensive insurance - yet with the nature and cost of Jacob's injury it is a fraction. Not having insurance would have allowed us to get on Medi-cal but I am not sure that is the best option. I wrote to Obama to ask him but he has not gotten back to me yet.

We are so thankful for the benefit, silent auction, raffles, garage sales, etc, etc. that are absolutely providing just what we need - allowing us to stay focused on Jacob and not totally break down and freak.

God is doing amazing things and Jacob is stable enough to move by ambulance - stop - drink that in - thank you Lord. Miracle after miracle, healing after healing, hope building up hope Jacob is getting better. It is hard right now that he is becoming aware of what is going on. Mouthing the words to me with tears, "I want to go home" breaks me - rips out my heart. For each of us I need to repeat over and over again, "right here, right now we are exactly where God wants us to be." Robbie at Biola. Tom and Debbie watching over Jacob. Jensen with friends and getting ready for school. Jacob moving toward recovery - stronger each day - either at Valley Med or at Kaiser. God is not done and the unknown is hard - change is hard - but the God who does not change knows exactly what is best even if it looks ludicrous to us.

Through all of that - you know better than I how you can pray. We love you.

God's love, peace, hope

Tom (Dad)


rickyedrington said...

Thanking God that Jacob is so alert and aware that he can tell you thnings, even if it is the heart-wrenching wanting to go home. Keeping on praying for you all.

Todd said...

Tom and family
Your Strength and Perserverance is encouraging. Keep it up, be ready for even more change, the good and the hard. Be a Survivor family.
Sincerely, Todd, fellow burn survivor.
God is Good.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog,the first week of August, praying for Jacob and your family.
The blog has helped with my "very little" rollar coaster ride that I find myself on.

but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary
they will walk and not be faint Isaiah 40:31

God Bless Your Family

Anonymous said...

We have been praying for you these 9 weeks and happen to have been to Santa Clara Kaiser many times this summer and have a dear friend who works there, too. It's a wonderful facility filled with caring employees -- that's been our experience. We are trusting and praying that for every staff member at Valley Medical who has cared for Jacob and ministered to you and your family there will be an equal if not greater number at Kaiser-SC. Indeed, God is in control. We praise Him with you for Jacob's significant improvement and wait on Him for the continued unfolding of His plan for all of you. God bless you all for how you minister to us by sharing your lives with us during this time.

Rebecca said...

So glad for all the progress! Wow! Too well to stay in the unit. What an answer to prayer. Father, thank you for the healing you have done and your presence every day. As Jacob prepares to move to the new hospital go before him and prepare the doctors and nurses for the assignment you have for them. Just as you have all along give them great insight and a sense of your presence as they help Jacob. Father we ask that this next part of the journey will welcome this family in and move them on into the victory you plan for them. Father, we ask especially for Jacob that you will comfort his heart and help him to cuddle into you for warmth, peace, strength and ever present companionship. Lord, we trust them all to your faithful hands. In Jesus we ask.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Jacob's continued recovery without the fear of the unknown for all of you. Praying for the Lord of all the earth to lift the financial burden from your minds and use his earthly angels to carry this for you.
Praying for the wisdom of others to share that wisdom and knowledge of our healthcare system to step forward as God has called us to do and be those earthly angels you need right now.
In our precious Savior's name AMEN!

einbildungskraft said...

It seems to me that huge burdens are being lifted, to be replaced by mundane non-life-threatening issues, much better this...dealing with "health care" rather than ...survival.... of your beautiful son.

FROG4U said...

I continue to be amazed at what God is doing then wonder why? why am I so amazed? I should not be. I should be expecting God to do what he has done. it is His promise. so why do we doubt? why do we not trust so completely that the Lord is going to honor his word and fulfill his promises.

Today I start out believing just that. I believe that God is fulfilling his promise to take care of us. to Love us so COMPLETELY. I believe for his miracles today just as he healed back in the bible days. I believe that it is his timing. I believe that he is right and true and will set the stage for Jacobs recovery. I absolutely beyond doubt believe that God is making a way where there is no way. I believe that He has gone before you and where you look ahead as far as you can see he goes so much further beyond that. he is up ahead and around the corner making a way. God is Greatly to be praised.

Jacob is able to be moved. WOW. Jacob can communicate. WOW. he is healed enough to not be considered a burn patient. WOW. No more Tubes in his face. WOW You are all still trusting the Lord in this situation. WOW. People all over the world are praying and being effected by this journey. WOW WOW.
again I am touched and blessed by your heart in this. I am crying in agreement with you that God has answered so many of your prayers and continues to hold you close and comfort.
I pray that you would have a renewed strength and not grow weary of the process. I pray that you would rest in him completely. I pray that Jacob would realize that even though his heart is to want to be home that he too has understanding of the process that the Lord has him in. I pray peace for Jacob and as always Complete Healing. I pray for financial blessings and covering for your family.
Thank you again for allowing us to share in this difficult journey with your family. I am truly changed and touched by your continued strength and by your openness in this journey.
Blessings and Rest for you all.

Anonymous said...

Transition times are so stressful! The "adult" responsibilities of having to deal with our broken system of health insurance hoops is so unfair. Many thoughts, prayers, and deep breaths for you right now, dear Kirkendall family.

Anonymous said...

Is there a contact person for the garage sale? I might have a few items to contribute, but only if wanted. Scooter, trikes, that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten slightly behind in you posts, but am thrilled to be reading of all of Jake's progress. God is, indeed, awesome. I love watching Him prove it once again. So thrilled to read of Jake communicating, understanding things, and continuing to heal.

Like others have posted, I sometimes wonder at our lack of faith, as demonstrated by our shock when God answers prayers. What a great reminder that we need to believe what we pray for, while still trusting that God does, indeed, know best and be willing to accept whatever He has planned for our lives.

I think, for me anyway, the shock is not that God answered my prayers, but HOW He chooses to answer my prayers, and many times how much GREATER the answer is. I'm so awed and grateful and humbled that He would answer something that is important to me. This is definitely true as I continue to read of Jacob's healing. I'm awed, humbled, and grateful to God for His continued faithfulness, graciousness, and healing powers. We truly serve an AWESOME GOD.

As I've mentioned before, I believe God has spared Jacob for great things ahead. I, too, have thought of turning this blog into some kind of book format. It would be an awesome book to have, and to pass along to others travelling similar journeys.

Keeping you in my prayers, and eagerly awaiting the next installment,

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! And Wow again!!! God is amazing!!!

Blessings, Carol