Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Leap

Quite a day...

Jacob had a good productive day...not all easy but he is making progress. He sat up. His eyes are open more. He is moving around but even more purposeful. He is scratching his nose, using his left and to explore the splint on his right, touching his trach tube. It is so good to see him returning. Yet it is still slow; we do still have to hold him down at times; he does try to pull his tubes out. He is not fully understanding but I am confident that will come. We do not know so many things of how he will be and what will happen, but for today we rest in hope. Jacob is making baby leaps. He sat up.

I wrote this in my journal after reading Ps 4

My Lord, my God when I stop
When I slow down and think
I am amazed by you
stars in place
planets arranged
life, beauty, enormity
You are beyond great, beyond amazing
I cannot begin to describe your beauty
Your love, your mercy, your compassion envelop me
Lord, take my side; hold my hand
I am under attack
Day by day, moment by moment I'm pursued
Doubt, fear, failure, insecurity stab me
Darkness pulls me down - wants to be my friend
I'm in trouble again - rescue me
Show me God - reveal yourself today
Help me to know I'm not abandoned
Grace pour over me; swallow me whole
Hope, faith, grace, love, mercy, peace, righteousness
Make these my anchors
In the purity of your salvation
Wait - shut your lips, speak from your heart
As long as it takes, in God's timing, wait
God will answer, God will restore - just wait

God did reveal himself today big time. Not just with Jake. Answers to other specific prayers. Encouragements at just the right time. God is reminding me that waiting on him is not being passive - it is quite active - it is actively waiting and trusting on the one who is fully in control.

Lord, help Jacob to sleep well. Another day is ahead of us as we pray and trust in God to do more than we can imagine.

Love and peace

Tom (Dad)


Barbara Rea said...

Thanks for sharing this great news and what a PERFECT Psalm to post. Thinking of you all and praying for your strength and encouragement on this long road. love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Keep up the hope! I'm really glad to hear of the forward progess. I see such love and hope in both your son's story, and that of Honza Ripa, here in Healdsburg. My son's band played in a benefit very much like the one held for your son. I hope that these two young men can someday stand up and shake hands and meet and know that they both went through incredible events - and came out of these events as people that shape other people in incredible ways. It must be very difficult dealing with what your family and Honza's are going through, but sharing it with others is a wonderful thing - good for you and your family - and good for any/all of us that would like to offer help/prayers/hope. Bless you all.

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Jacque':

Tom wrote 8/17 11:01pm

"God is reminding me that waiting on him is not being passive - it is quite active"

Tom, you are sooooooooooo right. WAITING ON GOD............... is the thing of Kingly Priests.
It is ENORMOUSLY ACTIVE & spiritually speaking I see it like you journeying back to Jerusalem.
The Pilgrimage back to the homeland. Daily. Your life is likened to the Psalms of ascent.........

The first Psalm of Ascent, Psalm 120, begins, "In my distress I called out to Jehovah." This is a picture of regeneration. When we first cried out to the Lord, we were saved.

The last Psalm of Ascent, Psalm 134, begins, "Bless Jehovah now, all you servants of Jehovah who stand by night in the house of Jehovah."

bless you ALL!!! PRAYERS CONTINUE.....

jacque' sutton

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom,
Just wondering has anyone explained to Jacob what is going on and what all the tubes and stuff are about? Just so that he knows. Let him know and see if that helps any.

God continue to pour Your grace over Tom, Debbie, Robbie, Jensen and Jacob. God help Jacob to process all that is happening to him. Give him understanding, and help him to be calm. God we can thank You and give You glory for these baby steps that seem more than baby steps. God, thanks for sparing Jacob's life. You are good and have awesome plans for this young man.
Blessings, Carol