Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Eggs, Bacon, Toast

Jacob needs to eat. He is not getting enough nutrients. Okay I know you all want to rush over and bring him his favorite food: Betty's Burger, Chocolate Pudding, Strawberries...but right now Jacob gets to eat a brownish colored goop in a bag. Who knows how it tastes - he doesn't the feeding tube goes right through his nose to his stomach. They might have to push the tube a little farther past the stomach so that more goes to his large intestines. I long to make him his favorite breakfast: eggs, fried potatoes (Auntie Julie makes 'em best), Jimmy Dean sausage or bacon,and toast. He makes it often and never cleans up all the yoke which I yell at him for. Yeah you guessed it...longing to clean up a little yoke.

Pray he gets the nutrients.

Pray also that all things continue to be stable: heart rate, temperature, oxygen level. All are doing well right now. Stable is good - he needs his strength for surgery again tomorrow. We are looking at this routine right now of surgery every other day for the next couple of weeks. Each time they have a priority of what they are focusing on - the area that is most important to operate on to eliminate as much dead skin. The nature of an electrical burn is different that a surface burn - internal burn continues, is inconsistent as to the path it travels, and is varied throughout he body. Internal organs may be damaged that we cannot see the evidence of right now.

Doctors reminded us this morning that we are in this for the long haul. Right now we will step up and forward today and praise God that Jacob is alive and we are making progress. Like in the movie "What about Bob?" - baby steps.

Jacob's Dad


drewkitty said...

My prayers and best wishes go out to Jacob and to his family in your time of trial.

Janie G said...

We are continuing to pray and believe that you and Jacob will have a lifetime of cooking and cleaning up after having breakfast together. Jacob could not be any better hand right now...the Hands of his Papa God. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all so well informed of his daily progress. We look forward to one day meeting Jacob in person and giving him a hug.

Ken & Janie

SLOwsley said...

We are standing with you in interceding for Jacob and your entire family. You are surrounded, dear Kirkendalls, by the on-going compassionate - and passionate - prayers of so many. Know that you are loved by our "God of all comfort."
Scott and Sandy

daisyfields said...

We continue to pray for you all. This post makes me think of baked beans and toast...things that remind me of Jacob. :)
Jeanine ~ for the Fields

MaggieM said...

I am in awe at your faith--you give all of us hope when that is what we are supposed to be doing for you. My prayers are with Jacob and your family.
God Bless and take care of Jacob! Amen!

Charlie said...

We're praying for him and you all @ WestGate. I'm holding onto the highest hope for him.

Victoria said...

Thank you Tom for the details, for the visuals and for making me smile even with the tears, how sweet for you to share these thoughts ... adds to my prayers for Jacob ... praying for another successful surgery on Tuesday.

Mari said...

This post grabbed my heart once again, this time remembering the last time Jacob stayed overnight and was eating cinnamon-raisin bagels with Chris & others in the morning - Jacob was the only one who liked the strawberry flavored cream cheese on it. I bought a new one to have on hand, which sits in the refrigerator waiting for his next visit. He always expresses his thanks for the small things like strawberry cream cheese and brownies...We miss you Jacob!
We wait with you all in prayer, in faith, in anticipation of God's great love & purpose manifested to us through Jacob's journey of healing.
Love to you all,
Brad, Mari & Chris King