Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small steps

So, no surgery today. Possible surgery tomorrow. The doctors want to let him rest.
As far as his medication, he is now fully off of the paralytic medication, and still on several other sedatives that do different things. We are with him this morning. Last night was a restless night for him, so they increased some of the medication. We are waiting for the doctors to come to check in on him and talk about what is next. He just had his periodical lung treatment, which involves pumping some kind of medication down into his lungs and suctioning gunk out. He hates this. I can't imagine what it might feel like.
His lungs continue to heal. More steps forward.

Not a whole lot else right now. Small steps forward.

If you have the chance/have a Bible handy, read through Isaiah 36-38. It is remarkable to see the faith of King Hezekiah in two specific circumstances.
The king of Assyria comes to the walls of Hezekiah's city and tells him to surrender or die. He taunts Isaiah right in front of all of Hezekiah's own people. He shouts in front of the people that God had told him to attack Hezekiah, and that fighting was useless. Hezekiah's own people began to doubt him. There was slight hope.
But what was Hezekiah's reaction? He takes the letter that he got from the King of Assyria containing all this and runs up to the temple of the Lord. He lays the letter and his own body out in front of the Lord - he offers up to the Lord what is happening, and offers up himself. He lays prone toward the throne, with the letter spread out.
Secondly, Hezekiah is lying sick on his deathbed. The Lord himself tells Hezekiah to basically put his affairs with his family and heritage in order, becasue he was going to die soon. Hezekiah begins to weep in agony... and pleads to the Lord that he could be allowed to be with his family and his people longer. Notice that the Lord doesn't say, "chin up, it'll be alright on the other side." He also does not say "Well, this life doesn't matter so much anyway, so you may as well just accept your fate now." No. The Lord understands Hezekiah's sorrow, understands Hezekiah's heart for his people and for his life, and grants him 15 more years.
There is a lot I could say about this, but I will let you take it where you will.

So we recognize that the Lord recognizes and understands our pleas to him due to our sorrow... seen in so many places in this life. Through what is going on with Jacob, I am striking up so many conversations with people about their faith through their own harships. I don't believe that anyone will be exempt in this life from mind-altering, earth-shattering harship, however large or small it may seem by our standards. But maybe our reaction in the face of this should be falling to our knees, presenting the situation to the Lord. But also presenting ourselves to the Lord. Becasue falling to our knees doesn't mean apathy or simply sitting around while God takes control. Yes, he is in control. But maybe this "control," or maybe a better word is "Kingdom," or presence, or soveriegnty... maybe this thing is actually carried out through us. Through the people who have presented themselves before the Lord, surrendered themselves to live a life in the Spirit, the Presence, the Kingdom.
I don't care what religious background, what spiritual beliefs, what philosophical understanding you come from. For that matter, I don't care what your lifestyle is like. If you are joining into a movement for the sake of love, this body of prayer and support, if you are "praying for Jake," if you are a part of a community that is gathering for spiritual and practical support in an outpouring of love... then you are doing the very thing that God desires. You are beginning to release yourself, you are beginning to submit to something greater... you are presenting yourself before the Lord. We are all in this process. We are slowly lowering ourselves to the position of being prone before the Lord. Small steps forward. At this moment of brokenness is where we find true love and true life.

I'm not sure what I think about what I just wrote, because I myself fall short of this ideal. I resist to lay before the throne. Which is why I am a part of a Body that loves me enough to kick my legs out from under me when necessary.

In prayer with you all. Pray for endurance, especially my parents. Well, especially Jacob.



Noree said...

Tommy, Debbie, and "boys", Kirky, Laure and Bob~
Thank you dear God...for yet more baby steps. In looking back to your 2 weeks of blogs, you can see the Lord's hand in it all. While I know there is much ahead, I remember your words about "living in the moment." Indeed. Today, while I pray for Jacob, I will add extra prayers for the strength that Robbie asked for, for his parents. I pray for strength for you ALL...for physical strength for Jacob, for emotional strength for all the Kirkendalls, and spiritual strength, which is abundant in all of your words.
Love you all, so very much.
Bless bless bless.

Cindy Todd said...

Thank you for your insite Robbie...it means a lot! I will continue to pray! Cindy Todd

Tom Kirkendall said...

That is cool Rob. Thanks for that. I was just reading about Hezekiah in 2 Chronicals 29-32 after you left the hospital. In the midst of horible kings Hezekiah stands out. He became king at 25 and in the first month started setting things right before God - making major contriversial changes - major opposition - acts of devotion. Thanks for the reminder to continually drop before God.

Todd said...

Hi Rob and family,
You don't know me but I got word of Jacob's accident through Ginger. I was in contact with 13,200 volts on March 19 2009. This 45 year old body received a 4th degree burn on my head where I made contact and 2nd degree burns on my right arm and fingers. I was in Mexico building a second story on a church when I made constact. I had 6 surgeries and 21 days in the hospital. God graciously allowed me to live through what should have been certain death. I am so thankful that my children have a father and my wife has a husband. I will be praying for Jacob and his full recovery. I received incredible care from the Grossman Burn Center. I opened a card one day from a friend that I will "never" forget it. It read: No matter what, never never never never never ever give up no matter what. King H didn't give up either.
Hang in there. todd toddridenour.blogspot.com