Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick update: busy morning on the roller coaster. A lot more agitation, recognition and movement. At one point Jake had his long spindly leg on Debbie's shoulder. Focus is still on bringing him off meds and trying to figure out why his fever still hamgs from 99 to 103+ Holding strong, holding on crying out to God in one voice.


Noree said...

Tommy and family...
One word JUMPED out from your blog...RECOGNITION.
Keep it up, Jake!!
Prayers continue...loud and strong.
Prayers for more recognition, less agitation, and a level temperature.
And of course...continued strength for you all.
Our love and our hearts,
Bless, bless, bless,
Noree and family

Anonymous said...

Words cannot describe how your situation tugs at our hearstrings. We respond in prayer! The focus of our staff bible study tonight is Jacob's Journey and we will be lifting him up in prayer together. Debbie, keep your smiling face in front of his whenever possible! God's comfort and strength to all of you!
We love you,
Amy Dillon and the Koinonia family

eternity driven said...

crying out with you and BELIEVING GOD alongside you!!

Anonymous said...

Your "ramblings," in the midst of such incredible trial, are a ministry to those of us fortunate enough to come before God in response to them and on behalf of your beautiful family.