Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick midnight post

For those that get up in the middle of the night and pray...

1. Jake's pain and medication balance
2. continued healing for lungs and wounds
3. body temp (currently 101-102)
4. continued protection: heart rate is good, oxygen intake is good, infections
5. continued healing for his body to be able to surgery. Right now the earliest is Friday...let's pray that he gets healthy enough to do it sooner and can get his breathing tube out.
6. pray for family - weariness, heartache, so difficult to see him in pain

and of course whatever God lays on your heart - others you know that are in their own trials

pray that those of who claim to be followers of Jesus would reflect His character in increasing measure today.

Love and peace


p.s. spread the word, increase the prayer circle, join the journey


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Charlotte said...

Dear Tom and Family
I am Zac Detter's Grandma. I have been praying from Oklahoma. I just meet your son (brother) 2 months ago in Zac's yard, and my thought were "what great friends that Zacary has". Thank you for writting. Not only is the miracle in Jacob but in the hearts of your family. What an inspiration to all. Charlotte Harris