Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stop and praise for lungs!

The pulmonary doctor came through and told us the Jacob had a good night. His lungs are doing better. He is hoping that if Jacob has a good day today we will be able to get him back into surgery tomorrow.

Yes, we can praise God for this miracle.

For those of us on this journey, lets stop and be thankful.

The roller coaster continues. It is a slow rise but it is a rise. There is more to come as we stand firm in our trust that God is not done yet with our boy. True trust comes hand in hand with vulnerability which opens us up to pain. We have tremendous hope.


Quick addition from Robbie:
I was just telling people around me at work how we have no idea how long it could be before Jacob's lungs improve and he can go into surgery. I told them it could be a day, it could be weeks. Just the possibility of him going into surgery as soon as tomorrow, although small, is a huge answer to prayer. Thank you all for praying. Please, let as all take a break from petitioning God, and REST by means of praising him. Rest in this obvious manifestation of how he hears our cries. He knows our hearts. He mourns right along with us, and rejoices right along with us. I picture us all as a part of this staduim that is filled beyond capacity with heavenly creatures as well as all of us, surrounding Jacob's hospital bed, crying when things get worse and roaring when things improve.

Father, we know you are holding Jacob. We ask you to hold us as well. We can never do enough to make it all right. Show us what true rest is. Lead us into your Spirit. How great are your works! How awesome that Jacob's lungs are getting better! You hear us and love us. And we love you.


Noree said...

Oh my heart soared when I read those words "His lungs are doing better." Thank you, our dear Lord. My love and heart are with you all, Tommy.
Noree and family

Noree said...

Amen Robbie, Amen.

Mari said...

Oh what wonderful news!!! Thank you Lord for hearing the cries of your children!!!

Casey Travis said...

PRAISE GOD...MIRACLE WORKER!! I feel like jumping up and shouting each time I hear a good matter how large or small. God is good to hear the cries of His children!
Jess Travis

John Hixson said...

As Lori Bridges said: "I can't help but think of that worship and praise song....Breath of God.
Breathe on me breath of God, my spirit yearns for you, Hide me in your fathering arms Fill up my longing soul. Flood over me like a river my God, immerse me in your living stream. Awaken the song that you placed in my heart, Spirit breathe on me.
Lord breathe healing into Jacob's lungs."
So I sang it to our Lord, too. And my hope is that,even while Jacob may be in a medical coma, he may still hear his family sing to God before him, and speak words of their love & hope for him.

Caitlin Mackenzie said...

Praise the Lord! He is good. We have been praying for Jacob consistently here at TLC, and lifted him up in prayer at our staff meeting this afternoon.

rickyedrington said...

I just got back from a walk around Vasona Park talking and praying about Jacob and all of you and remembering the little kid era, Debbie, of playing with our kids there. "Fire Engine" park is what we called the whole area. Little do we know what life has in store for us and our kids as we pray for their future. As the future becomes the now and then the past and then the future is always coming and the cycle goes on, I understand what praying without ceasing means: constant mindfulness of God and trust that we are in his hands and we must turn to Him for everyting. Roger, Byron and I are constantly praying and praising God for all the ups and downs of this roller coaster you're on, yet I guess we are on it with you, aren't we, from a distance. Thank you ,Tom and Robbie, for keeping the news coming so our prayers and praise are up to date. Though God knows it all without all our techie stuff I'm sure He's using it to further prayers in a growing community on Jacob's Journey with you.

Victoria said...

Joining in the Celebration and Praise for God is Good and HE Hears our prayers!!!!

Victoria said...

Rec'd by email from Carol:
God You are ever faithful!!!!! Thank you for hearing our prayers. God continue to bring healing to Jacob's lungs. Continue to hold him in Your arms, speak to his heart,and give him a kiss that will touch his soul.
Touch his father, mother and siblings with Your peace, strength, grace and Your mercy. Holy Spirit encourage them and continue to speak to their hearts. Transform them into the likeness of Jesus. Blessings, Carol

camwyoming said...

I do not know your family but have been following your story and praying for your son's recovery. In the spring of 2009, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with a skull based tumor which the doctors originally thought was some form of cancer. I remember suddenly feeling like I couldn't breathe. Thankfully, the tumor was not cancer but during our ordeal we too experienced many ups and downs. Often, an up moment was followed within minutes by some devasting piece of information.

During this time, when I could not longer think straight, I would say this line to myself from the Bible which is: "God is our refuge and our strength, a tested help in times of trouble." Psalm 46. Please know the prayers of our entire family are with you.

Janie G said...

We, too, rejoice with each victory, big or small, that Jacob has along this journey. Thank you for continuing to keep us all up to date so that we can celebrate with you and wage warfare on Jacob's behalf. Janie & Ken

grandmaamy said...

I join you in praising the Lord for His marvelous works. His ways are not are ways, but His plan is always perfect. May you continue to find courage and strength in this journey you are currently traveling.