Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pray Now

Things are much worse with Jake.

After a CT scan of his lungs, the doctors determined that either there is an infection or damage from the electricity. As of about 7 o'clock, the pulmonary (lung) specialst team has taken the lead because this new development is life-threatening (which increases the danger to his arm) The CT scan of his chest found blackened tissue on pockets at the bottom and back of his lungs.

There are two possibilities for what the infection means: 1)he has permantent burn damage in his lungs, 2)he has pneumonia.

There are three possible things for what the blackened tissue found could be: 1)permanent burn damage 2) the infection itself 3)White blood cells attacking the infection.

His scheduled arm surgery for the morning is postponed until the pulmonary issues are worked out. Basically, they have drowned his bloodstream in antibiotics, and we are simply waiting for the antibiotics to do something.

He is very heavily sedated right now, so much so that he is not doing his little twitching thing anymore. He looks very peaceful. But there is so much going on beneath the surface. Pray that the antibiotics work, and that God heals his lungs. Maybe God works through antibiotics.

O God, our God, why have you forsaken Jake? Or have you? Are you with him? Is it possible for your presence to be with him and for him not to be healed? Do we need to pray harder? Are you withholding yourself intentionally? I know you are here. I have never felt you closer. But why? When?



renee said...

Ugh! So sorry to hear this, Robbie! We'll continue to pray. I have nothing more to offer than my prayers. It seems like so little even though I know it's the think he needs most. We love you all and are hurting right along with you. I'm off to wrestle with God on Jacob's behalf.
Love you all!

jznotes said...

Oh Robbie, my heart aches for you and your family. I sit with tears and few words of comfort. We pray...we pray a lot...and know our God is a God of love and is never changing.

We love you all!

Diana Weldon

Samaria said...

Robbie, everyone here at the coastlands is on our knees praying, we love you guys, we LOVE jacob. My heart breaks for him. I pray that we see miraculous findings and a fast recovery, I pray that God will be glorified in the end and that Gods will be done.

Isaiah 43:2 "When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze."

We're with you.

-Connor Childs

gramahuny1 said...

You dont know me...I am Jessicah Travis's mom...I have been reading this blog since I got news of Jacob. As a mother and grandmother...I can only imagine your pain and anxiety. Your hope and your expression of hope is a light to the world that is watching this dilemma unfold. I think this blog has gone everywhere...and people who do not know you or Jacob are moved to prayer. We are storming the gates of God and pleading for a miracle. May you be "held"...that is what He promised to do. My love and prayers extended to you and our God. Debi Massey

AmyIsSmiling14 said...

As a schoolmate of Jacob's I do not know him well, but I know enough. I may not share the religious beliefs of many of you, but I want you to know that I have been praying the Mi Sheberach (A jewish prayer of healing) for Jacob and your entire family both physically and emotionally.

No Hinderaces said...
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Heidi said...

Continuing to pray...


Laura Bennet said...

Dear Family!! We are with you in prayer and love you all so much. Thank you for keeping us all posted so we can be with you in this.

Love, The Bennet family (Laura Huff until recently)

Heidi said...

Dear Family,
We are praying for you and asking others to pray for you as well. We are all joining together to ask for God's miracles to continue and for God's love and peace to fill you more than you can imagine. What a mighty God we serve! Thank you for sharing your hearts with are so very dear.
Heidi (Gandel) Jacobi

Rebecca said...

I know it is hard to report this news but I am so grateful that you help us know how to pray specifically for Jake and you all. I am so glad that Jake is strong enough to really fight! Covering you all in our prayers through the night.
In Him, Becky Gomes

Mari said...

This is Chris King's mom, Mari, and husband Brad. We have not yet had the chance to meet you, even though Chris has found such a great friend in Jacob this past year and has enjoyed being with your family too. What fun they have together surfing & riding bikes & hanging out at youth group & with other friends. I can hardly write this as our hearts are breaking along with yours, desperately praying for Jacob! We pray for God's miraculous healing power to restore Jacob completely. We will not stop! So many are praying for him at the Coastlands & at my family's church in Wisconsin...and how amazing it is to see so many all around the world join together on his behalf! Chris and several friends of Jacob's were in our backyard together Tuesday, and youth pastor Jeff came over and they all prayed together for Jacob. Was such a great site. Thank you for updating us so that we can feel a part of you in this journey and cover your whole family too, and be able to pray specifically for Jacob as each situation arises. Thank you for sharing your wonderful son with us! Know that we love Jacob and love you and will continue to believe for miracles! How great is our God!
Love, Brad, Mari & Chris King

Psalm 33:20-22

We wait in hope for the Lord;
He is our help and our shield.
In Him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in His holy Name.
May Your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord,
even as we put our hope in You.

history said...

I am a friend of one of Jacobs friends mom and I have been praying since I first heard about what happend. I personally have sent this link to people all over the world and I am so encouraged that one thing can bring so many people from so many different places together. I know that in the spiritual realm there is a great battle going on. I pray that we all would put on our full armor and fight knowing that in the end God will be victorious. I pray complete healing for Jacob's lungs and all his internal injuries. I pray complete healing for his eyes and that the Lord would wash away all effects of the accident. I pray that there would be no scarring from the burns and that there would be no pain.
I know that my God is a God of Miracles and I am believing that God will take what the enemy has meant for bad and turn it into good.
I pray peace and rest for your family.
Thank you for sharing your heart and for encouraging so many through this situation. May you all be blessed beyond measure. Peace to you.

shanna said...

Tom & Robbie. I know that it's hard to continue with this blog, but it gives all of us direction for specific prayer. Thank you so much for doing that. You two are really inspirational and my heart breaks for your family as we read through these updates. I know what you mean when you say that you feel God's presence there. I do believe in miracles...that is what the prayers did for us when Mike was sick. Continue to allow people to gift you with their prayers and thoughts. No matter what, you will find that the prayers are what get you through the days so that you can do what you need to do to get Jake better.

JJJ&J said...

Dear Tom, Debbie and Family, Please know so many are here for you caring and sharing and praying and wanting to help. I pray personally that today, Thursday would be a day of great progress in Jacob's healing and fighting off infection. I pray that his body becomes stronger to be able to go through the necessary steps to insure his health and well being. Also, I echo Shanna's message above and give thanks that you would take the time to share with us how your Dear Jacob is doing. With love, and support, Jill

JJJ&J said...
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Sharon Shenk said...

Dear Kirkendall Family,
We don't know you - at least not in the flesh - but in the Spirit we feel a deep connection. Ever since we received word from our friend Paul Dunn, we have been in prayer and have asked for prayer from family, friends and prayer warriors that we know all over the country.
As I pray for Jake, I see the fiery furnace - Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego standing inside with the flames rising up all about. I see the "angel of the LORD" standing with them throughout their ordeal.
May Jake hear the LORD's voice and may he see His face and may Jake know that God will never forsake him. May he hear the angels singing all around.
Our fervent prayer is for physical healing for Jake and for God's strength for each one of his family and friends.
May you experience Shalom in the depths of your being.
In Christ,
Sheri Shenk
Menlo Park, CA

Nickname unavailable said...

I don't know you, but your are everyone's son, brother, friend and child of God. I pray the Lord, the great healer touches you today, also I pray for peace in the family. Please Lord, give supernatural healing, the balm of Gilead. An anointing to all.