Friday, July 3, 2009

out of surgery #1

Thankful, very thankful.

Jacob just came out of surgery and did well. They were able to not only operate and remove some dead skin and muscle from his back and arm and buttocks. Those were the worst areas and the priority. The were able to remove some dead material from the muscle which is very badly damaged.

We are relieved - he made it through the first surgery. There is though a reality of Jacob having a long road ahead of him. More surgery, rehab etc. Thinking back to the ER in Santa Cruz we had no idea the gravity of his wounds - as the doctors said: this is a roller coaster ride.

The pulmonary doctor just came out and was very pleased and encouraged with Jacob's lungs. He made it through the first surgery. The healing of the infection in the lungs is a waiting game for the anti-biotics kicking. He said Jacob's lungs are a little bit better today and we will see them getting a little bit better tomorrow. With both pnuemonia and burn victims the lungs can fill up with fluid - so that may be next but they are watching for that.

Pray, as I know you already are, for continued healing to his lungs and the affected burn areas. We are so greatly encouraged. I know without a doubt that the chorus of cries to the Lord is ringing loud.

A little more peaceful.

Jacob's Dad


Victoria said...

So very Thankful, tears running down ... so very thankful and encouraged in Faith. God is so good. Praying for your Rest in the Lord.

Bob Duffy said...

Praise the Lord! We keep praying!
-the Duffys and Thompsons

Nini Lettner said...

So glad to hear he made it through okay. Thank you for the updates! We are praying, praying, praying. Renee has been updating me as much as she can as well which I am so thankful for. Your family is so special to her...and so many. Thank you for being real and for sharing your family with us!

I so wish there was something more we could do for you. While prayer is most important, it is hard to see the tangible effects of it right away. Much love to you guys! I have posted a blog about Jacob's name gallery on my blog in an effort to get more prayer and support for you guys!

Rebecca said...

Terrific news about his surgery and lungs! We'll keep praying. Thanks for letting us know.

Sharon Shenk said...

Thank you, Father.

dayvalleygardens said...

What excellent news~*~holding you in our hearts Jacob!

Mary Beth Magee said...

Great news. I am glad to hear Jacob is getting stronger everyday. Our thoughts are with you all. The Magee's

Kimberly Luckett said...

Thank you for this blog Tom and Robbie. I check every morning and every evening at least and I am continuing to pray for Jacob's healing and the family's strength. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers!!

Traci said...

Tom & Debbie,
I first learned of Jacob's accident while reading current news online.
Our thoughts and many prayers are with both of you, Jacob and family.
The Blog is so helpful-to be able to get updates and pray with you as you endure each hurdle.
We pray for continued improvement in Jacobs health and recovery.
The Meidl Family

LWildemuth said...

So thankful things went well, will keep everyone in prayer. May God continue to heal those lungs.
Chaplain Larry

Heidi said...

Glad to hear sugery went well. A step in the right direction....its gotta feel good and give some hope. Continuing to pray for you all...