Saturday, July 18, 2009

Note from the Mom

Debbie already left for the hospital and left me this note:
Sat 5:38am - To Blog People:

Showered and slowly getting ready to got to hospital and see how Jakey's doing -

Last night I did what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks now - left my son in God's hands - left him in the vigilant care of these burn unit nurses - left him to get some sleep so I wouldn't fall apart today - knowing Jake's gotta go through the hardest parts - knowing I'd rather it be me suffering.

Outside of E.R. last night on my way to the parking lot a woman was by herself sobbing...sobbing... no one seemed to be with her - I didn't want to freak her out more, but her tears spoke to me (no duh) and although there was a bit of a language barrier, she allowed me to hug her. I sobbed a bit myself - so much suffering day in and day out. We exchanged stories to a certain extent. I didn't know what I'd do if she was totally alone but her cousin was with her working on getting her help from the ER.

By the time I left, she was smiling through tears - we had some similar struggles ourselves and took comfort in that somehow. I told her not to give up on herself - tried to hear those words myself regarding me, my Jacob, my sons, Tom. I am once again forever changed inside after a "God thing" like that. The comfort I received in comforting another - just as the comfort I am receiving from so many on a daily basis. I can only hope and pray that my friends and family (and even strangers(are being cared for a hundred fold as you "give" to Jake and us.


We are blessed to be a blessing. As we face this day we pray for Jacob and pray that we would continue to see the tidal wave of God's blessing in our midst. It is not that we need to ask God to show up and be a part of what we are doing; it is more that we pray that we would see the God who is already in the midst of all of this and that we would join what he is doing.

We are blessed to be a blessing.


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Noree said...

Precious Kirkendalls~
As I read Debbie's words, why was I not surprised that she ministered to someone else?! Through her own mother's tears, she reached out to another.
You inspire and uplift those around you~all of you, with your selfless actions and Christ filled words. How you are all in my prayers~and those of so many. I pray that today is proving an easier and more peace-filled for your Jake, and all of you.
Bless bless bless,