Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Newspaper Article

Just found a new newspaper article about Jacob and the upcoming concert tomorrow night. Click here: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_12880692

We are continued to be so amazed, blessed, humbled by the incredible support. Wishing Jacob could see the concert but at the same time wondering what he would think of all this. On the one hand he would love the attention and on the other he would hate it and tell us to get a life. We are all so very thankful for his life - and that each day, however slow it may be we see forward movement - no set backs.

We are still waiting - Jacob is still quite stable and is actually very calm and still. Which on one hand is awesome but on the other is frustrating for we know that he still has a lot to go through and we want him to go through the withdrawal and pain to be able to get to the point of looking at us. I have been spending my time today working through the Medi-Cal paperwork and trying to organize paperwork. Nice to be working with the administrative function of my brain to work on tasks.

Awaken, O my son, look into my eyes
O how I long to see your gaze
to have you recognize your daddy
I cannot even begin to describe
the depth of my love for you
Awaken, O my son, look into my eyes
Hold my hand and squeeze
whisper my name -
I so deeply desire to hear your voice
Lord of Heaven hear my cry
awake my son restore him today
my faith releases my faith believes
Holy Holy Holy Lord God almighty


Bob Duffy said...

Tom, Debbie, Robbie, Jacob, and Jensen,
We're still praying diligently, today that your prayers answered and the earnest desires of your hearts would be given, that in God's all-knowing timing, Jacob would awaken, to the glory of God.
-the Duffys

Anonymous said...

I love that you are such a loving tender dad, it is good to see this not having had one myself, so models the Father heart of God to me, thank you. You have no idea how precious to me. And yes I am and will continue to pray and hope for your family. God bless you.

Mari said...

Wow! What a beautiful poem which Jacob will one day read with tears and feel the depth of his daddy's anguished heart for him!
We've been praying last night & today that Jacob will awaken, with minimal or no pain, breathe completely on his own and be overjoyed with being alive & seeing his family again!!! Even if it's not the right timing for him to wake up now, he will see the concert later and know the hundreds of arms of love wrapped around him from all over the community and beyond! We were just thinking of how Jacob has a unique privilege of being the recipient of incredible amounts of unconditional love poured out to him that only a rare few ever experience in a lifetime! God has made him known!
Our love & prayers for you all continue on.
Brad & Mari King

Victoria said...

Thank you Tom for the depth of your words, for sharing. I cry for you, for Jacob, for Debbie. The image of our own Daddy God longing for each of us to recognize Him. To hear His voice and know His love for us. How it is mirrored in your prayer here. I long for your Jacob to awaken and see your face so clearly, to touch your face with a sense of awe and relief and belief that he is ALIVE. To know how God has worked a WONDER in him and through his family that has been jolted together in a way that is astounding. And how this "family" has been increased exponentially by the joining around the world of the body of Christ.

What an incredible Testimony Jacob will have to tell. I am reminded of something my mom (Jacob knows her as Grams) told me in the first week of "Jacob's Journey" that during an intercession time at her church in Florida, when they were praying specifically for Jacob, one of the women heard clearly that "God is giving Jacob a TESTIMONY" and that would have to mean that it is his to tell ... not that others are telling it ... but that Jacob is!

I am praying for you all continually. I am Praising God for All that He is doing. Daddy God is so very good.


Noree said...

Dear Tommy and family~
Prayers continue~talked to your mom earlier today. There are no words, just hearts full of prayer.
Prayers that Jacob will continue with these tiny steps~really though, with all that has happened, they are HUGE steps, with the Father walking right beside him. No set backs~just tiny steps forward, one day at a time.
We love you all, so very much.
Bless bless bless~
Noree and fam

Sharon Shenk said...

I have just read the SC Sentinal article. Since we do live far away and won't be able to be there in person, may I suggest that the group made the DVD/CD available for purchase online? Our prayer group and our family would surely like to particpate in tonight's celebration - even if it's by watching a DVD.