Friday, July 17, 2009

Lower Meds and Wake Up

Jake continues to be up and down with pain - decreasing meds to test his responsiveness and then increasing meds to comfort. Basically it he is going through detox. Still healthy, still improving but oh such a slow process. My prayer when I am standing at his bedside is that Jesus would be laying down covering him. Jacob actually at times is in a position similar to Christ on the cross. This pain is not anywhere near what Christ went through and yet it is still so very painful for Jake. Oh what God went through watching his Son in such torment.

We have been at this hospital long enough to see so much. Two families that have been here with us have taken there sons home. Their pain is not over yet, lives forever affected, more rehab, more healing. One family also lost their home due to fire.

I was watching from a window down to a courtyard yesterday and their was a father and daughter being taught how to move their mom in a wheelchair up stairs. Lives forever changed, altered, not the way it is suppose to be. Who am I to think that my pain is worthy of any consideration? My heartache is not the only heartache. You see it so clearly in a hospital. I watch as one of the burn victims took a gingerly walk down the hall - painful, extremely burned, healing. None should diminish our own difficulties, challenges, pains. Cancer, financial, employment, relationships. It is not a matter of degree or comparison. It is more a matter of what we are becoming through the process. Through both the times of blessing and times of heartache are we increasing more in love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, love, etc or are we increasing in bitterness, anger, resentment, selfishness.

For those of us who claim we are Christians are we growing and taking on the character of Christ? In all that is going on with Jacob - so many people praying - that is my prayer that as a community we are unified in reflecting Christ and loving those around us. Loving God and loving people as Christ called us to.

It is so hard to do this. In the midst of this horrible situation, there are times of numbness, deep sadness, fear, remorse...yet there is hope, God is still very real and is drawing us in to himself - holding us - allowing us to see miracles, hope, His glory.

Robbie beat me to the Glorious Unseen song "All Around" and I highly recommend you check out their music - heartfelt, authentic prayers and cries. I want to repeat this song as a prayer for tonight. As you pray for Jacob to move off the meds and wake up...consider this prayer.

When my world is caving in
When my hopes are wearing thin
When I'm choking in my sin
Lord, you meet me here.

When all around is crashing down
I find myself alive in you
Holy One, renew

When all around is crashing down
I find my spirit crying out
Holy One, consume

When I listen to the fear
When I feel my end is near
When all hopes disappear
Lord you meet me here

Peace and love



shanna said...

Still praying for you guys. Talked with Jensen on facebook a bit tonight. He's missing Jacob. I gave him a couple ideas to get him through it...I don't know if he wants to do anything or not, but it was sweet talking to him.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you and your family so much for sharing this painful journey with all of us.

I do not know your family personally, but you are so heavily laid down on my heart.

I have never prayed so much for one person in my life and I am so grateful to God for the ways He has been blessing my prayers life through you. I am also so blown away to see the thousands of people that have come along side to embrace Jacob and your family in prayers. God is SO good.

My heart continues to go out to you and thank you again so much for so sharing with us.

FROG4U said...

I continue to pray for you all. I pray complete healing, I pray rest, peace, wisdom,Understanding, I pray for no pain. I pray for quick recovery, but mostly I pray that you would all continue to seek the heart of the Father and seek his face in the midst of the pain. I pray REST for you all. Peace be with you.
Forever Seeking His Kingdom,

Victoria said...

requested to post this from Carol:

God we ask that You come down and touch Jacob's body and help him with the withdrawals that he is going through. Continue to bring healing to his lungs, arms, feet, back and anywhere else that he needs healing. Super naturally help him deal with the pain so he can come off the meds and look to the day he can go home with his parents.

Holy Spirit continue to uphold this family, strengthen them, encourage them, comfort them, hold them and pour out God's love on them. Thank you Lord that You give them all the strength to journal this journey, the pain, the joys and their own struggles with what has happened to them and their son/brother. It's a blessing to hear how You are changing them to be more like Christ and giving them such amazing compassion for others who are struggling with the same thing.

Speak to Jacob's soul and allow him to feel You as never before. God we give You all the glory and praise!!!!!! AMEN.
Blessings, Carol