Sunday, July 5, 2009


Jacob is doing well. The doctors are actually seeing a small increase in the condition of his lungs, even after the surgery today. The doctors said the surgery went well... they did a lot of work on his right foot, which is in bad shape, and think they got all the dead tissue out of his right armpit/arm. However, the doctor did say that these type of electrical wounds tend to evolve, so they will be constantly going back and rechecking for more. There is no exact promise of what the surgeries will look like, but the doctor estimated that he will be in surgery every 48 hours for the next couple of weeks, as long as his lung condition allows. But as far as the surgery today, the doctor accomplished his goal without pushing the limits of his body too much (Jacob's body, that is).

That is probably a good enough update for now. Please pray for his rest through the next day, and preparation of his body for further surgery. It is going to be an overwhelming recovery process.
I am sitting in the hospital room at the moment with my grandfather and aunt. My mom is taking a nap. Pray that she gets rest and can allow others to be vigilant. She tends to wake up in the middle of the night and those type of things. My dad even got her to turn her cell phone off while she naps.
At the moment they are giving Jacob oxygen treatment. Whenever they do his heart rate tends to go up and he twitches around a little bit. My dad doesn't like seeing it, because I think the convulsions scare my dad. But it is
comforting for me to see the vitality in him.

If you read no further in this blog, please at least read the following and pass the word on:

A friend of Jacob's that is in a band called Samaria, along with a number of Jacob's friends, are working to organize a benefit concert for Jacob on Wednesday, July 22nd. This is the for sure date. The venue is not for sure yet, but as things progress you will be updated on specifics. This is a huge movement that is happening in the Santa Cruz community as there will be sponsors, 4 bands playing and merchandise made for Jacob. I am praying that he is awake by the time this happens so he can see the amount of love pouring out toward him. There should also be a worship gathering before the show. Please, for now, just save the date, Wednesday, July 22nd, and in your prayers offer up this event as a landmark, a monument to what God is doing through this process: bringing people from all walks of life together for the sake of love.

I have been camping in Isaiah 30. If you have the time, please read. This morning I read Isaiah 30 and piggy-backed that on Mark 13, which is typically viewed as Jesus speaking of the "end times," some vague future point from where we are now in history. However, when you read, lay all of your preconceptions aside, and focus on what it could mean when it is all (Isaiah 30 + Mark 13) centered around Christ, the concept of God-made-man/God-dying-human (the incarnation has been blowing my mind recently!). View these passages as the promises of God that are currently being manifested, as the Kingdom of God which is being brought by the act of Christ dying on the cross, which is constantly breaking into our lives. In light of this, try reading both these passages, then maybe listen to my following prayer from this morning:

"O gracious, merciful, unutterable, unanswerable, Holy One of Jacob! You are the Rock. Your Son is Mount Zion where we rest in the shadow, out of which is now flowing abundant water, out of which is now shining the light of seven suns, who is now and forever will be coming on the clouds, "the breath of the Lord," which kindles the burning place which is made ready for the king.
O great mystery! the Breath, the Word, The Son, the Spirit, the Father, blowing our ragged sails, moving our capsized vessel, whispering in our ears the way to go.
You have not abandoned. In fact, I am even more sure of this than before this tragedy; because this tragedy means that you are closer than ever before.
Even beyond Jake's tragedy, things will get worse. Crap will happen. Because I want you, not blessings. you have opened the floodgates. Fire is falling from heaven, hail is striking, the earth trembles, the sky darkens. But it ALL IS YOUR SPIRIT. The fire purifies. The hail nourishes. The quakes rearrange our unholy states. The sky darkens and you light up the world.
Your promises still remain. Christ has already weathered the ultimate tragedy. God died as a human. And now he is alive. The world quietly changed, was turned upside down, in those three days of hell.

And so, even this journey is God's Kingdom coming. ESPECIALLY this journey, if we come to understand what it really means to exist with God.

I just finished the book The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning. I encourage you to pick it up. Everything in it that I have read since Sunday has been God speaking truth into my life. Manning has prophetic words toward what it really means to exist with God.
Last night at 9:30 PM I went for a walk and sat on a bench. I was overwhelmed by the replaying of the night we got the phone call. I sat down and asked myself why I heard a bunch of bangings. I said "Oh, it's the 4th of July. Thanks for Independence I guess, God...?"
Anyway, I read the last chapter of Manning's book. I was stunned. It is titled "Unimaginable Love:"

"Perhaps the gut issue is not how much theology we have studied or how much Scripture we have memorized. All that really matters is this: Have you experienced the furious longing of God or not?
This very question provoked the brilliant Karl Rahner to prophesy:

In the days ahead, you will either be a mystic
(one who has experienced God for real)
or nothing at all.

In times of persecution, theoretical Christianity will collapse.

Contemplation of the furious longing of God is elevated to a dramatic level in those rare and unforgettable moments when our faith, hope and love are raised to an unprecedented level by the Holy Spirit's active intervention, much like being in that boat as the storm hits. We are plunged into mystery, or what Heschel called "radical amazement." Self-consciousness and self-awareness disappear. We are in the presence of the ineffable Mystery above all creatures and beyond all telling.
These are moments of truth. You are alone with The Alone. God's tender feelings for you are no longer dry knowledge. You experience a certainty of God's longing for intimacy unlike anything you've felt in hand-clapping worship or anointed Scripture-studies. Too many of us have received knowledge without appreciation, facts without enthusiasm. Yet, when the scholarly investigations were over, we were struck by the insignificance of it all. It just didn't matter.
When the night is bad and my nerves are shattered and the waves break over the sides, Infinity speaks. God Almighty shares through His Son the depth of His feelings for me, His love flashes into my soul, and I am overtaken by mystery. These are moments of "kairos" - the decisive inbreak of God's fury into my personal life's story.
It is then I face momentous decision. Shivering in the rags of my seventy-four years, I have two choices. I can escape below into skepticism and intellectualism, hanging on for dear life. Or, with radical amazement, I can stay on deck and boldly stand in surrendered faith to the truth of my belovedness, caught up in the reckless raging fury that they call the love of God. And learn to pray.

These are prophetic words for all of us.
Praying for you, Jake.


Stephen Kazim said...

Rob your strength and courage through such a rough time continues to inspire me.

"O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. How gracious he will be when you cry for help! As soon as he hears, he will answer you."

God's hand is upon you, and upon Jacob, His will will continue to be done.

You all are always in my prayers,
Stephen K

thebodygarage said...

Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated on Jacob. I always say quick prayer as the blog page is loading that the news will be positive. When I read about the small improvements I'm even more motivated to pray. God is doing things in his timing but he IS hearing our prayers. Please give Debbie my love...I've been praying for her to stay strong and rested.
~Stephanie Cecy

Victoria said...

My mom's entire church, Christ The Messiah, in Jacksonville, FL prayed for Jacob this morning. They felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, everyone seemed to be either crying or laughing, it was a wonderful time of offering up Jacob to the Lord.

In her devotions this week she read an exerpt from the book The Perfect Storm by John Paul Jackson, and this scripture jumped out and seemed to be a confirmation:

"Alas! for that day is great, so none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob's Trouble, but he shall be saved out of it."
Jeremiah 30:7

Mama Wann said...

Jensen's buddy, Trent, is in New Mexico right now but asks for updates on Jacob everyday that he checks in with me. He now has our family in NM, and everyone that he has met along the way, praying for Jacob!

morelli.m said...

My dear Brother and family,We continue to pray-weep-pray-etc. We missed you on the 4th. Your blog and Robbies is a source of true inspiration. I know you and would expect nothing less than a pastors heart to minister to all who have joined on to this journey.Get some rest. We continue to hold you in our prayers 24/7 as you well know.
Awesome Lord, thank you for Your everlastin love and mercy.Grant this family with ongoing peace and mercy. Please speak to our little brother Jacob in his dreams and prepare him for what is to come. We love you so much God.Your steadfast love never ceases, Your mercies never come to an end.they are new every morning.Great is your faithfulness o Lord.

Pam said...

To read about your faith through this tribulation shows the strength God gives His own. May God bless you and help Jacob make it through this tragedy. I have learned there are no accidents. God is in charge and gives us the strength to deal with our tribulations.

Thanks to a dear online friend in your area, I heard about your present situation. I am praying for you all.

Mrs. Pam Lamker
Angola, NY

(widow and mother of a now 26 yr old son on the verge of becoming a husband - The Lord made me a widow when my son was only 10 weeks old. I know His strength and I know you now know His strength as well)