Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good News/Hard News and a prayer

It is Tuesday night at 8 am - wow - amazing how easy it is to be at the hospital all day.

Good news/hard news:
The MRI discovered that the small dark mark they are now calling a "bruise" that was discovered on the CT Scan last week has healed. But the MRI also discovered another "bruise" a little farther forward on the left side of the brain. It is way too soon to know if it will heal or how it will heal but it is causing a bit of concern. Rehab doctors and neurologists are overseeing him and giving feedback as to medication and changes in treatment.

We are basically continuing in the same direction but a bit more aggressively reducing his medications and working at getting to breath on his own. There is basically a lot of concern still that he is not responding enough yet on his own. Though he is opening his eyes more and is more active in his movements it is not fully Jacob intentionally moving toward a goal, rather it is more involuntary reactions.

My heart is heavy. I cry through the sense of dread and then am able to grab on to a handle of hope. Praying earnestly that God would grab hold to my sons weak and tattered frame and knit him back together. How amazing is life in the first place? Eyesight, hearing, heartbeat, lungs breathing in air to oxygenate blood and send it throughout the body, hands that grab, feet that run an amazing example of God's handiwork, his intelligent design. Life is so amazing, so valuable.
Prayer for Jacob
(from PS 139:13-18)
Lord, I praise you
for as Jacob was knit together in Debbie's womb
he was fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your works are amazingly wonderful we all know that full well.
Jacob's frame was never hidden from you when he was created in the secret place.
When Jake was woven together in the depths of the earth
your eyes, O God, saw his unformed body.
As he lies wounded and bruised, your eyes never left him.
Each and every one of his days were ordained for him
written in your book before one of those days came to be.
You knew each step, each laugh, each wave - both the good and the tragic.
How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.
As Jacob sleeps, your eyes are still upon him.
He remains in your care in your thoughts.
And when he awakens he is still with you.
Lord, fearfully and wonderfully re-make Jacob

Love and Peace
Tom (Dad)


mshamaya said...

Sue Shamaya (Wayker) - thank you for your daily updates and inspirational words - we still are sending heartfelt prayers for divine healing.
Blessings of love to all of you!

John Hixson said...

Oh, Tom, as I read your latest details about Jacob's conditions, I searched the Scriptures for God's Word regarding "hopelessness" and all I could come up with is my own experiences: When we are in the most hopeless circumstances, the only thing we can do is fully depend upon God, & He will answer our needs with a MIRACLE. And I believe that His desire is to display His power to all of us who have become connected to Jacob by His miracle of healing. Psalm 42 & 142. My prayers will increase. . . .Judy Hixson

Bob Duffy said...

Tom and Debbie,
We are praying that God will comfort your hearts. We can feel your hurting and we hurt with you. To the best of our ability (and beyond our ability by the power of the Holy Spirit) we weep with you who are weeping, and rejoice with you who are rejoicing. In all things, praying for God's mercy and grace.
-the Duffys

Anonymous said...

Psalm 139 has been the Psalm in the bible to carry me through the joyful days and the days filled with challenge and at times sorrow. How beautifully you have shared your prayer for you son Jacob. I have prayed for Jacob and you and your family since the evening of the accident. You have so unselfishly shared your deepest feelings and prayers, in return we have all had the blessing to do what God has called us to do PRAY FOR JACOB and your family and still be so blessed by your faith. Your son will be so proud of all of his family. God Bless You Tom and your family we will not stop lifting you up. Always remember "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD".

Todd said...

Praying for Jacob.

renee said...

Oh, Tom, my heart is heavy for you! I pray for you all many, many times a day (and night!) and will continue to do so. I trust that God hears our prayers and will heal Jacob. Hug Debbie for me.

Rebecca said...

Dear Family, we are praying day and night for you all. Thank you for giving us details we can cover in prayer.

Lord, thank you for preserving Jacob's life and for the massive amount of healing that has already occurred. We know there are many steps to the healing needed and we ask you to continue to protect Jacob and to heal him. Please help the skin grafts to take hold and heal his wounds. Please heal any infection and give his body the strength to fight off the bacteria that attacks him. Please bring his fever back to normal as the infection subsides. Please put your hand on this bruise in his brain and restore his brain to normal function. Father we ask that you will make his brain completely capable of guiding all of his body and thoughts, his ability to communicate, his coordination, his emotions, his sense of humor, his autonomic systems. Father you know exactly the function this bruised part of his brain plays in his life. I ask that you will restore this function completely and that one day soon Jacob will recognize his family as he takes his place in the family circle. Father, thank you for helping this family to hold your hand and walk with you through this and for carrying them when they are too weary to walk. Thank you for the faith you provide them daily to trust you. Thank you for holding them secure in your arms. Lord, we can't meet all the needs, but you can. We hold our brothers and sisters up to you and ask you to intervene for them. In Jesus we ask.

Anonymous said...

Tom, Debbie, boys and family,
Know that we hurt right along with you and are praying so many times each day. Not with numerous words to influence God, but just constantly remembering you at many times and realizing His plan is unfolding as we wait on Him. Prayers are lifted each time you cross my mind because prayer is the only tool I have right now. I long for the time we will look back on this and see how much you all have helped us grow and trust on a deeper level than before. I feel you are being more of the church to us than we are to you. May He sustain you as you deal with each new development. May he comfort you when the unknown tries to conquer your spirit. May you remember you are not going through this alone. I feel your pain each time I hug Mike or Matt and we pray together for you all. Good night. Guy

A. Christine said...

Your words grab my heart - especially your tender prayer of Psalm 139 for Jacob! My heart is broken for you and Debbie and the family. I pray for Jake's speedy healing; for comfort and peace in the midst of it all.

With love,
a sister in Christ