Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glimpses of God

I told Debbie as we left the hospital tonight that it felt like we had 3 days today. We entered this morning with such hopes of another surgery and thus another step of getting Jacob's wounds cleaned up, thus moving closer to some healing. It was quite a set back to have the surgery simply discover that his lungs were damaged. I am so thankful though that they made this discover - another uncovering of what his body needs in order to heal.

His lungs need to heal on their own - His lungs need the healing touch of God. There are no medical, no surgical, no human way to help. It is all in the hands of the body that God has created and the hands of the creator/healer God.

I would like to share with you two beautiful glimpses of God, two experiences of revelation of the Kingdom of God.

Tonight Debbie and I were able to attend a support group in the hospital for burn victims. Blew me away. I was very reluctant yet Debbie's determination to go caused me to follow like a scared puppy. Incredible stories of survival in the midst of struggle and victory - to see those who have overcome so much. As we shared around the table our stories we were the only ones in the midst of hospitalization. After we shared a bit about Jacob - the next man who had come in late said that he was there for us. He pulled out two things - one an article from the paper about Jacob. The other a picture of himself in the hospital. He had suffered high voltage burns several years ago and was in the same bed as Jacob. His recovery story is his and I will not try to share it but it includes an encounter with the Kingdom of God and God's healing touch. It was of course an encouragement - needed quenching of our spirits.

Last night I arranged for Debbie to get a massage. She has been standing at Jacob's bed and both her neck and feet were sore. There was only one appointment left for the day and it was at 8 o'clock. As she lay there speaking to the massage therapist amidst the tears she discovered that she has had her own journey which included a time in the same burn unit with a story of one of the same nurses. They talked well after the appointment. This morning our new friend came by the hospital delivering Debbie some shoes and a hug for both of us. Jesus came and washer our feet.

Even in the midst of our deepest pain - longest days - there are glimpses of the touch of our savior. God has our back. He has not abandoned us. Jacob is alive and fighting. The Kingdom of God is at hand and your voices are ringing loud and clear.

This is from a song by Glorious Unseen called Burn in Me...

Breath of God
Breathe on me
Hold me in your hands
Take my life
This offering
And use me where I am

Come carry me now
I'm crying out
For someone I can not see
Come carry me now
I'm crying

In the midst of Jacob's Journey we have our own - I pray in the midst of this we catch a glimps of God, a touch of the savior, a taste of His Kingdom.



daisyfields said...

Beautiful glimpses Tom, thanks for sharing. Praying for healing of Jacob's lungs and peace and more glimpses for you all.
Jeanine ~ for the Fields

Ruth and Brian said...

Dear Tom and Debbie,
I realize it has been many years since we have shared the same company, that you may not remember me.

My name is Ruth (Pedersen) Webb (Mom & Dad~Wes & Carolyn, brothers~Mark, Danny & David Pedersen)and I heard about your son Jacob through a prayer request that Nina Rowland posted on facebook. I cannot even imagine the journey you all have found yourselves on. Today, my oldest son turns 17 and lets just say, this hits really close to home.

Please know my prayers are with you all. I can see through your posts how present our great God has been through this. May you experience God's abundant peace and blessing today and everyday!

Ruth Webb

californiakelleys said...

Divine appointments only the great Orchestrator of the universe can arrange. He is Glorious. We love you and are praying constantly for you.

Chuck and Kim