Friday, July 3, 2009

Fund set up...

Many have asked us to set up a fund to help cover Jacob's medical costs. This is very humbling but the reality is setting in regarding the hardship and reality of his injuries. This is going to alter his life functions (but he will surf again. We are being blessed by so many which fuels our strength as we face each day.

Here is the fund information:

Jacob's Journey
c/o Bank of the West
308 N. Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030

In Hope and Grace

Jacob's Family


Stef said...

I found this blog through my friend Nini Lettner and just wanted to let you know my family is praying for you all and most importantly, for Jacob.
God bless you guys!
-Stefanie Arnold

Brett Thornhill said...

Lord, I thank you for your healing and your protection. Thank you that Jacob was well enough to have surgery, and that it went well. Thank you for the encouragement of our hearts, dear Father. Continue healing. Continue encouraging. Show us your glory through this, Lord. Give us strength. Fill Jacob with fire. And fight for the road ahead.

And Lord, giver of life...bring the financial support needed to give Jacob the best care we can. Bring what is needed. Talk to the right hearts. Help us, Lord. Provide.

Brett Thornhill said...

again...ali ramin

Sharon Shenk said...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This "journey Through Fire" blog was constructed by a family in need of prayer and encouragement. It does not seem an appropriate place for sermonizing by any one particular voice.
Let's focus our concerns and prayers on Jacob and his family.

sanford said...

Hey Tom & Debbie, Sanford Kenyon here (f.k.a. 'Sam Kenyon' from the LPC days). Just thinking about raising funds, if you take a look at, (Connor goes to our church and was a fellow band member with me), they came up with the idea of selling the wristbands (similar to Lance Armstrong's Live Strong thing). Just thought you'd want to know. You could also probably get in touch with them to ask how they did it at

God bless and know that you are all the forefront of our prayers,