Monday, July 20, 2009

Duct Tape and Baby Sock

Monday afternoon.
I had to think hard a bit ago what day it was. We have begun three weeks of this journey. Three weeks of Jacob being asleep. He hardly sleeps eight hours - especially if he is going to get up early to go surfing. I spent the morning getting tires on the truck and dealing with insurance things - trying to figure out the best course of action. As I was cleaning out his truck, I found a baby's sock. It was the sock that our friends gave us when Jacob gashed his toe at the beach on his birthday - I remember being so concerned about he gash and that it might need stitches - Jacob said it was fine and wanted to get back to his friends - we compromised - duct tape a baby sock around his big toe. I found myself wondering how that wound had healed. That sock is now hanging in his room. For some reason it makes me smile - thinking of the love of our friends - their sacrifice - and of wounds that can be patched easily.

Jake is moving forward - we are all still praying. Last night when we left him he was alternating between thrashing and resting - so sweaty and hot. Basically going through detox. Hoping and praying that Jacob will wake up soon. Earnest, longing and beseeching God to move his healing hand upon our boy.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."
Phil 4:6-7

Prayers are still the same as last night. For those that are also praying for our rest - thanks - I think God is answering a bit. We are a bit more refreshed today. Mondays always seem to be hard. It is a blessing to have so many holding us up. There is a mountain before us yet God is able and has not abandoned us. Rather each day we find his strength to empower - sometimes it is barely enough and yet other times it overflows.



Anonymous said...

I live in AZ and don't know any of your family personally, but I want you to know that I pray for Jacob and your family every day. Having gone through a difficult illness/diagnosis with my 19 year old daughter 5 years ago, I know that God truly works miracles and can heal even the most devastating physical condition. She is living proof of that. Your blog is a true inspiration to many and I know without a doubt that each day God will surround your family with comfort and He is holding Jacob in His loving arms, working a miracle in his life. God Bless each one of you in a special way. You will continue to be in my prayers....Sue Kuwitzky

Bob Duffy said...

I first learned Phil. 4:6-7 from the NAS where it says " prayer and petition..." so I've always had the idea that when folks get together to ask God for something, it's like signing a spiritual petition. So I'm signing your petition to God Himself: "We hope and pray that You will wake up Jacob soon. We are earnestly, longing and beseeching God to move His healing hand upon your boy". I am petitioning God with thankfulness, asking also that give all of you peace beyond all understanding, and that it would guard your hearts and minds in Christ.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite songs has been "Bring him home" from Les Miserables. As I listen to this song now, as we all pray for Jake to wake up, it takes on new meaning. Of course I can relate most with Tom, being a dad, as we wait for Jacob to recover from the injuries, the medications, the effcts of being asleep for 3 weeks. May God be praised as He continues to work His miracles. Thanks Tom, Debbie, Robbie, Jensen, Kirky, Julie...... all of you who are allowing us to share with you. Praise that His peace that surpasses all understanding, is capable of carrying us through the times we never imagined. Guy Berry

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

So great to see you sat. night bro. Please know that you and Deb and your family are in our prayers daily. We have a little family prayer time with the kids at night and Jake is a regular on the list of our family's petitions!

May the Lord show His goodness and grace to you in this time

Love you guys,

Sanford 'Sam' Kenyon & family