Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dr. is amazed

Good morning.

We came in this morning a little fearful (okay a lot fearful) after the end of the day yesterday. He has been on oxygen support - last night it was at 100%. This morning it is at 30%! That means that his lungs are working more on their own than with the machines. The doctor said that she was amazed!

During the night they continued to monitor his blood oxygen level and as they saw improvement they weaned him off the machine's output. His fever also continues to come down and is at 96.4. The antibiotics seem to be working as well. They have taken x-rays of his lungs which is showing improvement.

Specifically pray for continued improvement that he might be able to have surgery on his arm today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. I keep picturing the Israelites in Egypt crying out to God in one voice. Prayers are coming from all over the world in a beautiful chorus to God who listens and cares, a God of mercy and compassion.

I read this morning this verse which I have been holding on to:
"I would have lost heart,
unless I had believed
that I would see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living."
Ps 27:13


Jeff and Jen said...

Praise the Lord for He is good!!

Samaria said...


Julie Olson said...

I love it when God can amaze doctors! We are praying for continued miracles in Jacob's body as well as for strength for all of you. I hope you can feel God's arms wrapped tightly around you.
-Eric & Julie Olson

Casey Travis said...

PRAISE GOD!!! God kept us all up all night praying for good reason!! God is growing my faith through all of this as well!! Not to mention what a fighter Jacob is!!
love you guys..

Johanna said...

Finally figured out how to post a comment, but have been folowing and praying all along...After the Pray Now post I was continually praying for God's mercy...over and over and over...all through the night- woke up a few times to check the blog and pray...Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on Jacob.....and so to find this post with the good news is so relieving.....I picture the heavens being stormed by prayers for Jacob and the power of God is being revealed.....we will pray for more amazing miracles...........

Andy Robinson said...

Tom and Debbie and family, We serve an awesome God and we know that He has Jake in His hands. We never know how these things come to be, but we can hold fast to the claim that God will take care of each one of us. I am grateful for the opportunity to know each of you and I am joining with all the others to pray daily for Jake. The power of prayer is awesome and I am living testimony to that power by the way God healed me after my bypass surgery. We will continue to monitor this site and expect to hear great things because of this. God will be glorified, and Jake's testimony and strength are beyond compare. God bless all of you and give each of you the strength that will be needed to face each and every challenge that comes your way.
In Christ,
Andy and Elda Robinson, Vallejo, Ca.

dayvalleygardens said...

Although we do not personally know you, tragic events seem to bring us more close. Please know we are sending you beautiful son our deepest. most positive loving heartfelt thoughts for healing. I have very recently witnessed a rather miraculous recovery of a family member. It surely happens. With Love

tarayasmin said...

Soooo happy to hear this good news! Thank you God!

ammer said...

i havent met your family yet...but i have been so moved to pray throughout the last several days - at random times - all day long - i am so impressed at your longing for God's glory to be made known during your family's suffering. We know your suffering is not in vain and will be used in mighty ways - as it already has been - and yet we pray continually for healing as well -

Nini Lettner said...

Praise Jesus for this good news! We are continuing to pray for Jacob's healing and for peace for all of you.

Mari said...

Yay God!!! After being up throughout the night praying, crying, believing for a miracle, dozing off, then up again to check the blog for better news, finally figuring out how to leave a comment at about 3am on last night's post....this update is a thrill to read!!! Oh how great is our God!!! Will never underestimate the power of prayer. So we continue with you today, dear Jacob and family, in love & prayer and believing for more miracles ahead as God continues to heal and restore Jacob to a complete recovery!
Much Love,
Brad, Mari & Chris King

Jessica Joyce Denewith said...

it's amazing how God works.
I met Jacob less than a month ago,
in this time he has shown so much of his love for God,
and for people.
I praise God for all he has done through Jacob, and all that is too come.
I've prayed so hard for Jacob, and I know God has so much more for him.
-Jessy Denewith

rickyedrington said...

Continuing to pray while praising our loving God! Thank you for your continual profound words and relating the words of God to the growing stream of followers of Jacob's Journey. Or faith is strengthened and our understanding furthered and others that don't believe may have a glimmer of what we believe through Jacob and you all.

Rebecca said...

I am so happy for Jake's improvement overnight! I can see from the comments that God kept many of us praying overnight. It is so good to know that God really does call us together to pray, the body of Christ. I pray that you and everyone near Jake will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and the ministering angels sent to care for him. I pray Jake's room will be so full with their presence that to move through the room you feel the need to say "excuse me" to those you cannot see and you will feel the shelter you surely stand under. I am praying that the doctors and caregivers will find themselves acutely aware that the "great physician" is guiding them and orchestrating Jake's care. I pray that they will surrender to his leading and Jake will improve to the glory of God. God hover over Jake as you did "in the beginning" and create new life again. Through prayer I commit you all to the One who is afraid of nothing and is able, beyond our comprehension, to meet our needs today. Love, Becky

torresgroupinc said...

Jacob and your whole precious family are deeply in our prayers. Our hearts are heavy but we know that God loves us all so tenderly. May you feel His tender care and precious love stronger than you ever have. Much love to you all,

Steve & Barb

gramahuny1 said...

He is keeping many up praying, disturbing our we are called to pray...even, some of us, for a young guy we do not even know. It gives me chills to witness God drawing His Body around your child/brother in prayer and hope. God is good. I pray for his healing, your strength of body to endure (are you eating..sleeping?) ....and your peace at this time. Debi Massey

Stephanie Mott said...

Dear Debbie and Family,

Jacob is in our thoughts and prayers as well as you and your family. I'm so glad he is better today. We pray for his healing and full recovery. And thanks again for your wonderful care of all the kids at Mountain School.

Stephanie Mott and Sara Behensky