Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I did not know what to expect as I went to the benefit concert. A concert for my son, Jacob. My son that I wish could have been there. To hear people speak so highly of him and to honor him. So many people were there that I did not expect to see - nor did I even see everybody. I am so thankful for the friends that Jacob has in his life. As a parent you worry - as a former youth pastor - you much of the choices that a teen will make when he is out of your sight is based on friends. Debbie and I are so thankful for Jacob's friends. Seeing them in action tonight - being integral parts of pulling the concert off. Thank you so much - we do not consider you friends but family.

Tired - tomorrow is big day. Surgery is tomorrow about noon. It will includes some skin grafts and cleaning. It is also the surger scheduled which includers the trach.

You know how to pray - let he chorus resound -

Love and peace


Bob Duffy said...

Praying today for the surgery, and for strength and patience for your entire family.
-the Duffys

Johanna said...

I am praying and will be praying dear ones....JD

Carolyn =^..^= said...

Had the LPC reunion not taken place I wouldn't have known about what your family is going through . . . . my heart is heavy for Jacob and your family. Daily I bring all of you before the throne of God with boldness and confidence. I am also blessed and encouraged by God's Word that you and Robbie share on this blog. Thank you for opening your hearts and lives with so many.

To God be the Glory,

Carolyn Sweetland-Gregg

FROG4U said...

I was at the concert and amazed at just how much one person can touch the lives of so many and influence them. his friends shared how Jacob was friend to all and is that not what the Lord calls us to be? I am so encouraged by the heart of Jacob. He truly has a heart of the Father. It has blessed me beyond comprehension to see all the kids and families rally together for his cause. what a testimony of Faith. I pray many more blessings for your whole family. I am praying continually for his complete healing and I pray fervently for the surgery that the doctors would have steady hands and wisdom. I pray that there will be no need for the tracheotomy and that he will breath perfectly as the Lord breathes into him every breath.
Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and scriptures. You all are so amazing and I pray for continued strength and rest.