Thursday, July 2, 2009

Come, Lord Jesus

We are all exhausted, but somehow in good spirits. Me, my parents, and my two aunts are sitting in the lobby snacking on Trader Joes pariphinalia and chatting about Jake-related stuff (the conversation right now is on the topic of what to do with the press coverage). It has been a long day, and has been up and down all day.

It is still astounding to see what I am now coming to call the "network of God." It is a phrase trying to communicate something about the kingdom of God, his body, the community. "Network" works as a good metaphor for me. (Please share any meaningful ways that all of you are finding to communicate what you see happening through Jacob's Journey.) We are coming to find that our family as many connections, both from our past and from now, with several members of the staff at Valley Med. We are seeing so much love even from the people here at the hospital. Even members of staff that we had not previosuly known, such as some of the amazing nurses, are included in this outpouring of love.

That being said, I was moments ago updated on Jacob's condition, for which I am on the verge of tears, urgently desiring as many of you as possible to pray, according to whatever abilities you now have to either offer up a quick prayer or join together with loved ones for the sake of community and Jake's recovery.
We are still concerned about the state of Jacob's lungs. He has severe pneumonia, and it is possible that this pneumonia is on top of burn damage in the lungs.
They began to begin to wean him off of the sedation medication, which includes narcotics and paralytics. However, today he began to heavily thrash about, which is a typical response of strong patients to want to be free from the sedation. So they had to increase the sedation again. We are praying that they would be able to bring him out of sedation as soon as possible, because it could have long term effects on his muscles and such.
Finally, the most recent update is on his burn wounds. There is concern that the burns will start to get infected. In fact, they think it may have already set in on one of his toes. Because of the state of his lungs, the pulmonary specialists will decide in the morning whether or not he is stable enough for surgery. This process will be continued, day by day, until they decide that he is stable enough for surgery. The muscle in his back right shoulder is completely fried from the electricity. This does not necesarily mean that his arm will be unusable, but the concern is regarding infection. There is also concern about the deep wound on his backside. There are plenty more details, but those aren't really important at this point. Pray for his lungs, his weaning off of the sedation, and for the surgery tomorrow on his arm and other burns. All are important are important in the recovery of his life and livelihood.

It is so strange to hear all of the new information from doctors. It is as if they are talking about some vague, impersonal person who I don't know. It takes a few hours for the reality to set in.

In addition to all of this, please read the updated "What you can do..." column on the left hand side of this page. There are some specific things you can join in on that some friends of ours have initiated.

Oh God, Oh my God.
Oh God of fire, Oh God of water and earth;
Oh God of sorrow and God of mirth.
Oh God of the heavens, be closer than a friend.
Be what we can never be for Jacob, unto the very end.
Send your Spirit unto his soul's depths, as a dove;
And envelope your holy Body, all gathered before You,
In the fire of your love.

"Come, come, come Lord Jesus.
Come, come, come my Love.
These wounds need breathing on.
This heart needs your love song.
So come...
So come...
So come...
So come,


LWildemuth said...

Thanks for the update and we are praying.
Chaplain Larry Wildemuth

FROG4U said...

Thank you so much for sharing your hearts. I continue to hold your family up in prayer. I will continue to pass on the updates to my group of prayer warriors. I am believing in divine healing and that all will come together for the Glory of the Lord. In Jesus Name I pray for his lungs to be completely healed and I pray for the pneumonia to be gone and not return. I pray that Jacob will be ready for surgery tomorrow and that all will go according to the will of the Lord. I pray wisdom for the Doctors working with him. I pray peace and Rest for the family. I intercede on behalf of Jacob and pray that he would be able to come out of the sedation and not have reaction and be at peace with no pain. I pray against any infection on the burns as well as in his lungs.
I pray for strength and peace for the family and all involved. Be Blessed.

Noree said...

Precious Kirkendall Family~
Robbie, you do not know me, but I was your daddy's next door neighbor and babysat for all three~Greg, your dad, and Kirky. I am holding you all in my heart~I spoke with your grandma Laurie this afternoon. Your messages, both yours and your dad's, are greatly appreciated, and speak volumes of your faith...which bolsters all who read it. May God continue to hold you very tightly in His arms. Know that so so many are praying. I pray for strength for all of you. Continue to take care of one another~I know you are. Bless.
With love and prayers,

Samaria said...

Some friends of mine that weren't able to comment on this wanted to let you all know that they are praying for ya. They do not personally know jacob but this has touched them and their whole family is praying endlessly for Jacob, they also sent out prayer requests to Air1 and KLOVE. We're here with you guys, we love you and are continuously thinking and praying for you.


Connor Childs, & the McCord family

Rebecca said...

Dear Family, as this day draws to a close please know that we will continue to hold you and Jake up in prayer through the night. God, please put your hand on Jake and restore his lungs to healthy breathing, his muscles to strength, his wounds to healthy thriving tissue. Father, please overcome the infection and relieve his pain so the sedation can be reduced. God, please speak peace to Jake during this process and be his constant companion. Keep this family wrapped in an envelope of your presence and give them peace.
Thank you that you never slumber or sleep and you never release us from your grip. We pray with Robbie, "Come, Jesus, come." Love,

Vicki Hallof said...

I will pray this evening and every waking moment for our miracle. Your solid faith is inspiring others through this blog. Stay strong and take care of yourselves. I am going to ask that we circle around the Kirkendal family to uplift and remove the war Jacob is now battling. I don't know if you read the Sentinel comments but it has become an amazing tool for God's plan. Thank you all for your faith. I am praying for each of you and the specific prayers for Jacob. Rest in Him.