Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breathing Tube - pray it is removed soon.

It has been a long draining day. Watching Jake in pain or discomfort is difficult. Debbie was here all day and just went to take a break and be with Jensen. I picked him up from a friend this morning - where he had a blast. Good to hang together and laugh, cry, tease each other. It is Debbie's turn to get a little Jensen.

Jake is restful now. I got kicked out of the room as they are giving him another x-ray. Maybe he is less restful because of the x-ray. The big thing that is going on now is the timing of removing his breathing tube. He does not need it but they need to have him off certain meds before that can happen so that his lungs do not relax to much. You know I glanced right over that praise didn't I - he is breathing on his own. Big, big sigh!

So let's join together and focus our pray on a big goodbye to the breathing tube, Jacob's comfort, and continued healing - especially on his right arm and thumb.

One of the things I keep meaning to do is celebrate Jacob's amazing friends. We have been so thankful for this growing, caring, loving group of friends. Many were there with him on the night of the accident and are faithfully praying, caring, and doing a lot to support Jacob at this time. Sometime shortly after the accident (it is a blur to me when) they got together and made a rain stick for him - putting their hand prints on it. It is really the first decoration we had in Jake's room. It has been difficult for them not to be able to come in and see Jacob. Last week some of them came down hung out with Deb and Robbie. We are so thankful and Jacob is so blessed by them and we are looking forward to celebrating with them when Jacob gets out of here.

Check out this picture. Another picture of our community of believers drawing us all to the feet of Christ.



Cindy Todd said...

Praise God for no more tube! God is good!

Bob Duffy said...

Yet another praise to our powerful God - breathing on his own! Wow! Now we can pray for the timing and removal of the breathing tube. Let God be glorified in each step of His wonderful healing.
-the Duffys

Rebecca said...

Tom, I am so happy to hear that Jacob is breathing on his own. What a huge step forward considering where he started! I know God hears and is answering prayer.

God you are so good! Lord we bring Jacob to you again and ask that you will intervene to provide whatever Jacob needs so that the doctors feel certain that he can come off the meds that are delaying the removal of the tube. We know you are more than able to balance out the needs of his body so that the meds are not needed. We wait on your timing and wisdom but we look forward to the progress in his recovery. Please ease his pain and prevent infection. Please soothe the deep soreness in the hearts of his family and give them faith sufficient to continue to trust and rest in you, one day, minute and second at a time. Refresh and restore each of them and keep them full to overflowing with your presence. We commit them again to your love, care and protection.

Thank you for keeping us posted so as God calls us to prayer we know how to pray for you. We are so blessed to join you together before the Throne of God. Love, Becky