Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pain up and down

A bit more up and down as far as pain goes. Hard to watch him in a sedated state wriggling in pain. Pray for peace and calm for his body, so badly injured.

I sent the above from Jake's room at about 10 in the midst of Jacob in pretty bad pain. It tears me up to watch - my pain is not even close to his - praying over and over for God to ease his pain, heal his wounds, touch his heart. As I know so many are praying, there is a community behind gives strength. I have got messages that simply say, "we are still with you".

There is much more pain to come - more anguish.

There are so many others in the hospital on their own travels. I feel so selfish that I am so focused on my pain. We have had some conversations with other families in the burn unit. One not only dealing with a son's burn injuries but their house burning down.

I wrote this in the hospital cafe earlier this morning from 1 Thess 3:7-9,12-13...

In the midst of my distress - the pain, the ache - in this time of attacks on my faith, we are so greatly encouraged by the faith of those surrounding me, holding me up - gently pushing me forward. Though I should be dead - numb - hopeless - I am alive - prospering - healing - so many are standing firm where I cannot. My inconsistency is made up for by those who carry this pain, this burden, this persecution with me.

How can I thank God enough - thank my community enough. It is puny in what I can do compared to what has been done for me. What can I ever do to repay? My heart is dwelling in joy because of them - because I am able to stand in God's presence.

Lord, God I pray for those I know now and will know later; I pray for those you already have known and are now discovering as they discover you: increase their love. Love that they already show - let it flow - let it grow - for each other and everyone else. Lord, strengthen their hearts - that they may be blamelessly dwelling with you.

Come Lord Jesus. Hear our plea. Give us blessing. Please rescue me.


Victoria said...

Received this email:
Thank you for the prayer requests for Jacob and what everyone is saying and praying. I am joining with them and the family in declaring complete healing and recovery for Jacob in every part of his body. May the Lord let him rest in His arms as he is being healed and may there be a healing angel right there in the room with him. Love, Susan Bass

Barbara Rea said...

Thinking about you guys with great love, and praying for Jacob's healing and comfort often. love, the Reas

Casey Travis said...

it struck me ready this recent blog that you were overwhelmed with joy at the community support...from everywhere. Maybe that's the part paul talked about in James "Consider it all Joy when encountering various trials..." The Joy is seeing HIM and seeing Him move through people as you are seeing. And the Joy of seeing Him bring miracles through answered prayers for Jacob.
Thank you for all your thoughts and insights!
jess travis

Dianna said...

We are with you and will continue with you. Thank you for being willing to share your pain and struggles. It helps us to pray. We love you all.

Noree said...

In the hearts of so many~
Bless bless bless,

Rebecca said...

Father we come as Jesus told us to, straight to your throne to thank you for protecting Jacob from further harm and to ask again for his healing. We don't ask again because you've forgotten Jacob but because you asked us to walk with each other and carry one another's burdens. So, we ask specifically that you will relieve his pain so that the pain does not overwhelm Jacob or his family. Please fold him into yourself and minister healing to him. In this time of increasing struggle as he regains awareness please comfort Jacob, his mom, dad, brothers and family. Lord you promised greater grace when the need grows greater so we call upon you to provide even now. Thank you for assuring us over and over again that nothing can separate us from you ever again, and you will never leave or forsake us. Father please strengthen them all for the task at hand and I pray that they will be overwhelmed by your loving, restoring touch. Thank you for hearing us.

We are praying, believing and trusting for you all. Love, Becky

Mari said...

Reading this blog, it breaks my heart to think of what it would be like to have to watch my son in such pain and not be able to do anything about it! My heart cries out to God for Jacob... for you. Even though it's probably all part of the healing process, and this stage of pain & imbalance while trying to find the right balance of meds is probably normal, it doesn't make it any easier for you as a parent or brother to have to withstand such agony! So we pray, pray, pray and plead....God, please heal Jacob!, take away the pain!, wrap Your arms around him and heal those hurting places in his body & any confusion or fear in his mind, let him feel Your presence with him so strongly and hear Your voice of comfort and assurance that he would be able to rest in Your arms as he heals, give the doctors & nurses wisdom & skill to administer the best treatments possible with the least amount of pain to Jacob, and fill his family with peace and strength and all that they need to sustain them through this unimaginably heart-wrenching time, giving them rest & restoring them daily, supplying them with resources above & beyond their needs to cover expenses...and guide us all on this journey with them to know how to pray and how to posture our hearts to best support this courageous family we have grown to love.... We thank you God for the miracles You have already shown us and for the miracles to come as You continue to heal & restore Jacob back to the completely healthy, vivacious, loving and inspiring young man that you created him to be....and we give You all of the glory & the honor & the praise, in Jesus name, Amen!

Victoria said...

I so very much agree with Mari's plea to Our AWESOME GOD, this is the cry of my heart ... AND WE GIVE YOU ALMIGHTY GOD, ALL OF THE GLORY & ALL OF THE HONOR & THE PRAISE, IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN, AMEN & AMEN.

Victoria said...

I rec'd email request to post!
Hi Tom,
Sorry to hear that Jacob is in a lot of pain. God touch this son of Yours and ease all of his pain. Help him to rest easily and speak to his heart of how You see him and love him. Heal his lungs more and more. Give the doctors wisdom and how to move forward in his treatment.
Tom, please don't feel like you owe anyone anything. It is the body of Christ, the bride of Christ's responsibility to pray. Do we ask family for repayment when we do things for them....No we don't. How much more in the body of Christ. When we serve one another in times like these we are serving Jesus and Him alone. God is faithful and those of us who sometimes pray during the night are being held up by the spirit of God during the day. We just want you, Jacob, your family to have the strength to get through this hard time with VICTORY. When you all have the victory so do we! Be full of God's peace, allow Him to hold you also and rest in His peace.
Blessings, Carol