Saturday, July 18, 2009


As we approach the end of this Saturday, we are tired. This long process of bringing Jake off of the drugs. He has actually come down like 70% from last week. His lungs are healthy and vitals remain strong. This is just a long process which is longer because he is young and strong. I look at Jake and try to hold his left hand as he thrashes back and forth. He is raising his legs up, bent at the knees and feet coming together. Right arm stretched out in a splint. I pray picturing laying there with Jacob in spirit - as he was on the cross. And I wonder as I have wondered from day one: what was it like for God to watch his son in excruciating pain. If I feel this pain, Jacob is in his pain, how much worse was the pain for God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Pain willingly engaged. Pain fully anticipated. Pain fully experienced.

Lord Jesus, Father God, you know our plea



Noree said...

Dear ones...
I cannot fathom the exhaustion you must feel. I pray for a restful night for all of you~for your Jake's pain to lessen, and for your hearts to rest for the evening.
Bless bless bless~always.

Anonymous said...

God give this family strength. Surround Jacob and comfort him in his pain.

Praying for you

Laura Bennet said...

I don't know if you guys get a chance to read all these comments, but just in case...Debbie Childs called me and told me she had the chance to meet you and chat. It was so great to feel like that I had that connection with you!!Please don't give my wedding another thought. Later, we will catch up and our families can meet - then mine can put faces to the one we've been praying for every day. I love you and am with you in spirit. Hang in there! Love, Laura(Huff)Bennet