Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4:30 PM Weds

They are taking an x-ray again of Jacob right now. I had to leave the room. I just got back dealing with insurance stuff. Was in there for a few minutes. Giving him an x-ray involves lifting him up to get the metal plate under him and bringing the x-ray machine into the room. ]

They are concerned with his lungs not getting enough oxegyn and that there may be a blood clot. Please pray...they told us on the first day that this was a roller coaster ride and it has been. They gave him additional medication to keep him from moving around. There are times that his body just seems to realize the invasion and his head, arms, legs start moving. One of the nurses acutally got on top of him to hold him down. Again he is strong - thankful for that - he is a fighter.

There is probably more to right but for now you know how to pray. Thank you.


April said...

Dan & I are continually praying for Jake & for your entire family. Let us know if you need ANYTHING.

Heidi said...

Dear Debbie, Tom, Robbie, Jensen and Jacob.
I can't even read your journal without sobbing. My heart goes out to you all and I've been praying often throughout the days for you. May God continue to comfort you and give you the peace that passes all understanding and the strength to walk this journy. Know that I will continue to be praying for Jacob and you all. To me Jacob is still the little boy I pulled in the wagon down to get ice-cream, but I hear he has grown into a wonderful young man as I knew he would since he has such wonderful parents!

Take care,
Heidi Mackie & Family :)

thegriffiths said...

I have only met you, Debbie once or twice... But from one mommy to another, I can only imagine the agony of watching your baby go through such pain. I am praying for you all, that you will be sustained through the ups and downs of this journey. I pray that HOPE resides in your hearts and peace is upon you. I will continue to pray.

Sam Griffith