Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dad's View

I talked to Robbie earlier today about creating a blog to share what is going on with Jacob. He obviously got excited and gave a lot of himself to create this tool. It really is a tool for us and for you. A way to connect with the journey.

Even calling it Jacob's Journey holds truth that is important for me. This is not where he will be tomorrow. It is where he is right now at this moment but the journey will continue. My prayer is for miracles. Just 24 hours ago we were in the emergency room at Dominican Hospital first grasping the magnitude of this injury. A kindly older Dr. looked at us and oozed about the miracles that took place. I hold on the the miracle that Jacob did not die from this injury and now I pray for more miracles that will move forward on this journey.

I was getting my laptop out tonight to start to google more information about what is going on with Jake's body. Mike Conly was there with me and encouraged me to be careful because of the magnitude of the stories that are out there. Jacob's story is unique and he has an amazing medical team around him.

Deut 29:29 says that "the secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words according to the law." There are things going on that we cannot see in Jacob. That which can be seen are being taken care of by the doctors and nurses in this Burn Unit. But that which is secret - that which is unseen is for us who walk in the Kingdom of Light belong to God. I am so incredibly thankful for the the outpouring of prayer support that seems to expand across California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Australia, to the world. The voices of those who walk according to the hope of the Kingdom of God which is now and at hand.

I stood at Jacob's bed tonight and wept out tears of gratitude, confusion, and hope. As I said goodnight, I wrestled with a desire to stay and the fact that I needed to get some sleep. It is now midnight and I am falling asleep as I write this. I trust that Almighty God is holding on to Jake where I cannot.


Oz said...

Tom and all --

We are praying for you guys.

Lord -- Please come and bring your healing power right now. Bring your love and surround Jake and all of the family, Lord with your power.

caringbridgejournal.com has a setup kind of like this as well with a place to journal and have people post pictures as well.

Hannah said...

Debbie, Tom, Jensen and family,

We are devasted to hear about the accident. Please know our thoughts and all our love is being sent your way. Debbie, Hannah is so sad for you. We know the strength of your family's faith will carry Jacob on this journey to recovery. Love to all of you.

Heather, Tim, Joe and Hannah Martin

Mama Wann said...

The Wann Family wants you all to know that we will have each one of you in our thoughts and prayers. Jacob is a strong, healthy young man and we are going to believe that he will fight hard and recover. He has the most AMAZING family backing him on this one! Thank you for the updates...it helps us all to know what is happening.
Tim, Beth, Katy & Trent Wann

Mary Beth Magee said...

Dear Debbie and Jensen and family, I am sending you my prayers and thoughts. I don't often pray but I have seen the power of prayer and I will add mine to the many,many others for Jacob recovery.
Mary Beth Magee

caroll said...

Debbie, Tom, Jensen, and Robbie, I was just at Freeline on Saturday morning and chatted with Jacob, sweet Jacob. He is such a joy to be around and you know how much my kids love him. I will keep him and all your family in my thoughts. Thank you for the blog so we know how Jacob recovers.
Caroll, Matthew, Chloe and Aidan

Waipuna Chapel said...

We are praying for Jacob and all of you! Our church here on Maui is praying for you too. We are with you!

JJJ&J said...

Dear Kirkendall Family,

From the moment I met you all, I was taken both the warmth, and joy and love in your hearts and family.

I/We know these wonderful qualities you all possess will be your guiding force during this difficult time while your dear Jacob recovers.

We are here for you in frienship and love. Please call on me, anytime for whatever you need.

Love Jill and Family

Mary Beth Magee said...

Livy Magee said...
Dear everyone,
I hope Jacob gets better. Making this blog was a very good idea.


shanna said...

Tom, We just heard and are devistated for you and your family. Of course we are praying, but if we can help in another way, please make sure you ask us.

cindy said...

Dear Kirkendall family
I don't know you personally, but read the story in the Sentinel and your blog. I am a Mom and my heart goes out to all of you. I am praying you all keep the faith and strength to carry each other through this journey. Know that others are praying for you as well.

renee said...

Tom & Debbie,
We're still praying and still reeling from all of this! Know that we love you and we're here if you need us. Also, I have a few people asking if a fund has been set up for you guys. I'll call later to talk about it. People reallllllly want to help!
Love ,

Joslin3 said...

Kirkendall family,
I was so sad to hear this news. Know that I am praying for each of you.

With Love,
Laura Hearn Joslin (from the baraka dorm days)

Clint said...

Tom, Debbie, Robbie, Jacob & Jensen:
I am praying without ceasing.
Take heart in knowing that GOD is afoot.
I am praying that you are surrounded by the comfort & SHALOM that can only come from GOD when life is puzzling & gutwrenching.
You are LOVED.


ps Tom, brother, I am available to you & your family for whatever you need.

caroll said...

Dear everybody,
I hope jacob feels and gets better soon.Ever day I think about jacob and all of you. Just the other day my mom saw Jacob at Freeline before his accident, he had said that he really wanted to babysit us.jacob you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love you ,

heathertreen said...

Debbie, Tom and family,
We are heart broken to hear about Jacob. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Of course, if there is anything at all we can do, name it and we are there. We love you guys and send you hug, love and healing energy for Jacob.
Heather, Greg and Connor

Dave and Barb said...

We just learned about Jacob a few minutes ago, and admidst our tears we began praying for him (and all of you) and will continue to do so as you face yet another journey as a family...We learned in Africa to always "walk someone to the road" (meaning accompanying them as they started the journey and in spirit to complete the journey)thus you now have our promise to "walk you to the road." We love you...Dave and Barb

sophie said...

Dear Debbie and family,
all our thoughts and prayers are with you to heal Jacob from injuries and pain. We are so so sorry that you have to face this painful journey. Please let us know if we can help and do anything for you.
We are sending you all our love,
sophie and Mimi

jeremydriggs said...

Please let the love of the God Almighty pour out on this entire family, especially Jacob. Let the Lord our God be a light in these dark times. He has the power to do all things and through his will Jacob can be healed. I will be praying for God's healing hands to envelop Jacobn in his time of need. My family and I will keep the Kirkendall family in our thoughts and prayers.

In love,

tarayasmin said...

On behalf of everyone at Freeline, our family is praying for you and your family.
Jacob is a genuine and lovable young man. We send prayers of healing and recovery everyday.
Thank you for the updates as we are so concerned for his well being.
Please call us if you need anything at all, we will do whatever it takes to help in this difficult time.

Many blessings,
Tara Mel & Family